Research Safety

Radiation Safety

The radiation safety program provides service and assistance to researchers using ionizing radiation in their operations. Many of the activities of this program are mandated by Georgia state law and controlled by policies established by the Radiation Research Safety Committee.

The office also works closely with UGA’s Environmental Safety Division on such issues as environmental safety and compliance, hazardous waste, fire safety, occupational safety, and other areas.

Radiation Research Safety Committee

The Radiation Research Safety Committee (RRSC)  guides the development and implementation of campus-wide Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policies that reduce safety, health, and environmental risks related to research, teaching, and public service laboratories or other related work areas where chemical or physical hazards exist.

Radiation Safety Policies and Procedures

The Radiation Safety Manual outlines prudent laboratory practices, university policies, and regulatory requirements for working safely in laboratories with radioactive materials and radiation-producing equipment at UGA facilities.

Safety Training

Policies and Guidelines

  • For minor incidents that occur during normal business hours and do not involve injury or property damage, please contact Research Safety at 706-542-5288.
  • For major incidents, incidents that occur outside of normal business hours, or that involve injury or property damage, call 911.
  • Radiation Improvement Program Report

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