Research Safety

LASER Safety

The purpose of the Laser Safety Program at the University of Georgia is to protect faculty, staff, researchers, students, and visitors, from potential hazards associated with laser use. The program is designed to both comply with the State of Georgia laws governing the use of lasers found in Georgia Statutes: § 111-8-91.01 through §111-8-91.06, as well as adhering to the widely accepted guidelines of the American Nation Standard for Safe Use of Lasers; ANSI Z136.1.

UGA Laser Safety Officer (LSO) contact information:

Brian Herndon
Safety and Compliance Officer
220A Tucker Hall|310 East Campus Rd.|Athens, GA 30602
Email:     Office Phone: 706-542-0526

Laser Safety Manual

The Laser Safety Manual was written to fulfill the purpose and achieve the objectives of UGA’s Laser Safety Program.  The manual applies to all students, staff, faculty, and visitors using Class 3B or Class 4 lasers or laser systems on campus and is considered the primary reference and compliance document for the program.

Laser Safety Training

All individuals working with or around Class 3B or Class 4 lasers or laser systems are required to meet all training and safety education prescribed by the Laser Safety Officer. This includes completing the Laser Safety Training module located in UGA’s Professional Education Portal; as well as the completion of a signed and submitted Laser Worker Certificate.

Laser Registration

State of Georgia Rules and Regulations: Section § 290-5-27.02 requires that all Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems be registered with the Georgia Dept. of Public Health.  A Laser Registration Form must be completed and submitted to UGA’s LSO.  See form for further details.

Forms & Charts: