Maps and Locations

Office of Research’s units are located in the Coverdell Center, Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center,  Riverbend Research Lab North, and off South Milledge Avenue.

Paul D. Coverdell Center
Riverbend Road Facilities
Tucker Hall
Central Research Stores
University Research Animal Resources

All Locations

Paul D. Coverdell Center

Coverdell is located on South Campus across from the Vet School.
Parking is available at the Carlton Street parking deck.

Offices and Services in Coverdell Center:

  • Vice President for Research
  • Business and Human Resources
  • Core Facility Business Services
  • Coverdell Stockroom
  • Faculty External Honors
  • Industry Collaborations
  • Internal Grants and Awards
  • Legal Services, Research
  • Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Research Personnel

Riverbend Road Facilities

Located on Riverbend Road near College Station Road.

Offices and Services in Riverbend Road Facilities:

  • Innovation Gateway

Tucker Hall

Tucker Hall is located at the corner of East Campus Road and East Green Street. Parking is available in the Performing Arts (PAC) Deck.

Offices and Services in Tucker Hall:

  • Innovation Gateway
  • Office for Proposal Enhancement
  • Research Communications
  • Research Integrity and Safety
    • Animal Care and Use / Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
    • Biosafety / Institutional Biosafety Committee
    • Export Control
    • Human Subjects Office / Institutional Review Board
    • Research Safety
    • Support Services
  • Research IT Operations
  • Sponsored Projects Administration
  • Tucker Hall Stockroom

Central Research Stores

Located off South Milledge Avenue.

Offices and Services in Central Research Stores:

  • Research Support Services
  • Research Stores

University Research Animal Resources

The College of Veterinary Medicine is located 501 D.W. Brooks Drive. Parking is available in the Carlton Street Deck.

Offices and Services in College of Veterinary Medicine:

  • University Research Animal Resources