Animal Care & Use

The Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU) oversees the University’s use of animals in scientific investigation and instruction, manages the compliance activities of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and administers the research support functions of University Research Animal Resources (URAR).

Announcements and News

2/1/2020: In order to meet UGA network security requirements, off campus access to Artemis now requires the use of the UGA remote access VPN.

Information regarding the installation and configuration of the VPN client can be found at

Once connected to the UGA remote access VPN on your device or computer, Artemis can be accessed via

For UGA VPN support, please contact the EITS helpdesk at or 706-542-3106.

For Artemis support, please contact Christopher Carter at or 706-542-7378.

12/9/2019: UPDATED POLICY: The IACUC has recently approved changes to the Policy on the Provision of Space to Animals for Research or Teaching 

11/1/2019:  New! We have populated the AUP form with helpful hyperlinks:
1. Hyperlinks to “TIPS” for answering each question
2. Hyperlinks to related IACUC policies and guidelines

We realize it can be challenging to complete the form—to try to answer the questions when you aren’t sure exactly what is needed, to provide enough detail-but not too much detail, to figure out in which section different information should go, etc. These TIPS are intended to help.

9/23/2019: UPDATED POLICY: The IACUC has recently approved changes to the Policy and Guidance on Reuse of Animals used for Research or Instruction.


The use of vertebrate animals in research at UGA requires registration, review and approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). IACUC review and approval is required to ensure compliance with all regulations, policies and standards that protect animal welfare. All animal use proposals are submitted through Artemis.

For general inquiries please contact our staff at

Humane Care and Use Policy

UGA maintains a Policy on Humane Care and Use of Animals that declares its compliance with regulations and policies governing use of all vertebrate animals used in research and instruction.

How Do I Report an Animal Welfare Issue?

The University of Georgia is committed to the humane care of the animals used in its research and instructional activities. If you have a question or concern about animal welfare, we urge you to report concerns to your supervisor or to the University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). UGA’s Policy on Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns can be found here.

The identity of persons reporting concerns to the IACUC is held strictly confidential if requested.

One may also report concerns anonymously, through the Anonymous Welfare Concerns Reporting Form or through the UGA Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline: 1-877-516-3467.


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