Office of Research

About the Office of Research

The Office of Research encourages and supports innovative interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative activities that contribute to the physical, emotional and economic well-being of the people of Georgia, the nation and the world. Through partnerships and collaborations, we seek to share knowledge, increase innovation and deliver the products of our research to the marketplace.


University of Georgia Vice President for Research David Lee
David C. Lee
Vice President for Research

There’s never been a better time to be a researcher at the University of Georgia. Over the past five years, our research enterprise has grown by roughly a third, as our talented faculty have pushed the boundaries of knowledge and developed new technologies and innovations that have made the world a better place.

The UGA Office of Research exists to support these investigators in all they do for science, engineering and the humanities. We work in partnership with central administration, colleges and major centers and institutes to advance UGA research in all its myriad forms.

We assist with the hiring of research-intensive faculty, the development of research space, major equipment acquisitions and technology services, as well as the building of interdisciplinary research programs.

We connect faculty to research funding opportunities and help ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of research administration, as well as research integrity and safety.

We encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and technology-based economic development through technology transfer and business incubation. And we help spread the word about all of these accomplishments to audiences far and near.

Thank you for your interest in UGA research. Whether you’re already a researcher on a UGA campus looking for answers, or you think might enjoy working and creating new knowledge at the nation’s oldest public university, we’re here to help.

David Lee
Vice President for Research


Derek Eberhart
Associate Vice President
Lawrence Hornak
Lawrence A. Hornak
Associate Vice President
Christopher King
Associate Vice President