Research Safety

Minors in Labs Policy

UGA is implementing a new policy to manage the presence of minor-age individuals inside university labs and research spaces, designed to help ensure the safety and security of such individuals.

The new Policy on Minors (not Acting as Students/Employees) in the Research Laboratories, Clinics, and Animal Facilities designates when, and under what conditions, minors will be allowed to perform research in university laboratories, greenhouses, clinic areas, or animal facilities. Minors acting as university students or employees are exempt from the policy. The policy also helps those intending to host such minors in their research space to identify, document, and mitigate potential risks.

The new policy was developed in collaboration with the advisory committee for the recently updated Policy for Programs and Activities Serving Minors. The new policy operates in harmony with this longstanding policy governing minor participants in UGA programs such as Young Dawgs, which facilitates internships for high schoolers who want to conduct research alongside UGA students and faculty.

To request that a minor be allowed access to research spaces under this policy, begin by filling out a Minor’s Research Access Form. For more information, call the Office of Research Safety at 2-5288 or