Postdoctoral Affairs

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At UGA, the postdoctoral experience emphasizes scholarship and continued research training for individuals who have recently completed a doctoral degree. Postdoctoral scholars conduct research with a faculty mentor and contribute to the academic community by enhancing the research and education programs of the university. Appointment as a postdoctoral scholar with both research and official teaching responsibilities includes a set of duties in formal instruction as Instructor of Record.

Postdoctoral scholars bring expertise and creativity that enrich the research environment of the entire university community. UGA strives to provide a stimulating, positive, and constructive experience by emphasizing the mutual commitment and responsibility of the institution, the faculty, and the postdoctoral scholar.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs responsibilities include:

Prospective and current postdoctoral scholars can visit the Postdoc Portal to find information and resources that will enhance the postdoctoral experience at UGA.

See the Documents & Resources section below for policies, guidelines, forms and other resources for units and postdocs.

Documents & Resources

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  • February 10, 2023, 11:00 am – Research Matters Live Event – Supporting Research Personnel: Policies, Programs and Resources for Postdocs, Visiting Scholars and Research Scientists.  Information and registration here (under “Upcoming Sessions”). Research Personnel Listserv Post advertising the session.
  • April 13, 2022 – Research Personnel Listserv Post. Policy revisions for postdoctoral appointments.
  • Previous Research Matters Live Event – Postdoc Appointments: Beginning, Middle and End. Presented February 16, 2021.  Representatives from OPA and Central HR review and provide updates on policies related to postdoc appointments, salary, benefits, promotion, separation/termination and transition to fellowships. Session targeted primarily to faculty advisors and administrative staff who support postdoctoral research appointments.

This program provides support for domestic and foreign travel for two purposes: 1) to present active research at national and international conferences and 2) participation in professional development events, such as formal workshops or training sessions.

  • Deadlines: Second Tuesdays in August, November, February and May.
  • Eligibility: Persons at the University of Georgia officially seated in a Postdoctoral Associate AD, Postdoctoral AC or Postdoctoral Fellow position.
  • Program Guidelines
  • Apply via UGA’s InfoReady Portal.  Select “Postdoctoral Scholar Travel Program” in the list of open competitions on the InfoReady home page.  To apply, you will be required to log in to InfoReady using your MyID and password.
  • Program Contact: