Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) oversees the policies that support the postdoctoral training experience at the University of Georgia.

At UGA, the postdoctoral experience emphasizes scholarship and continued research training for individuals who have recently completed a doctoral degree. Postdoctoral scholars conduct research with a faculty mentor and contribute to the academic community by enhancing the research and education programs of the university. Appointment as a postdoctoral scholar with both research and official teaching responsibilities includes a set of duties in formal instruction as Instructor of Record. Postdoctoral scholars bring expertise and creativity that enrich the research environment of the entire university community.

UGA strives to provide a stimulating, positive, and constructive experience by emphasizing the mutual commitment and responsibility of the institution, the faculty, and the postdoctoral scholar.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs responsibilities include:

Effective December 16, 2018, all postdoctoral positions will be processed and managed through UGAJobs via the “Grad/Research/Student/Temp” position type and OneUSG Connect. Office of Postdoctoral Affairs must review and approve all postdoctoral positions, postings (direct hire/internal and searches) and hiring proposals within UGAJobs as the Sponsored Office.  For OPA requirements of postdoctoral positions and appointments, please consult the Policy for Postdoctoral Appointments.   For instructional resources or technical assistance regarding UGAJobs or OneUSG Connect, please consult the Training Library or contact the appropriate section of the OneSource Service Desk.