Office of Research

Give to UGA Research

In recent years, the University of Georgia has seen the depth and breadth of our research enterprise expand. The excellence and entrepreneurial spirit of our students and faculty have brought UGA to impressive heights, creating new possibilities for making a difference in the lives of Georgians and beyond.

From humanities to biological sciences, from basic to applied science, from vaccine development to advances in bioenergy production, there is substantial progress being made, and even more potential. Never in our 233-year history has it been more important for UGA to emerge as a national and global leader, and never has there been such opportunity to do so.

We stand at a unique crossroads, poised to harness this opportunity with your help. Private support will be the catalyst that moves UGA Research to a new level of excellence. With increased state budget cuts and the decrease of available federal grants, private giving will enable UGA’s research enterprise to compete for and retain top faculty, expand graduate programs, and improve research equipment and facilities. Together the possibilities are endless.