Occupational Health and Safety Program

The UGA Occupational Health and Safety (OHSP) Program works to provide a safe workplace for all personnel involved in research using animals or biohazardous agents.

The Office of Animal Care and Use and the Office of Biosafety administer the OHSP with the assistance of Piedmont Occupational Medicine. The National Research Council’s Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals and the CDC’s Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories are used to provide guidance and benchmarks for the UGA Occupational Health and Safety Program.

The OHSP applies to any UGA employee (faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors) who:

  • Works with vertebrate animals, or animal tissues, fluids, secretions, and/or excretions;
  • Works with biohazardous agents;
  • Handles caging and related equipment contaminated by animal tissues, fluids, secretions, and/or excretions; or routinely enters into facilities where animals are maintained.

Access to the OSHP and Occupational Health Questionnaire is provided via Professional Education Portal (PEP).

Follow the link above and click Login.  Enter your UGA MYID credentials.  Once authenticated via UGA Central Authentication Services, search for “Research Occupational Health Program” in the search bar located in the upper right section of your browser window.  Select the Research Occupational Health Program Information course and choose launch.

The OHSP now administers the Research Respiratory Protection Program (RRPP). The RRPP provides respiratory training and fit testing for respirators used in research and instruction. The RRPP provides medical evaluation and spirometry services at no charge through Regional FirstCare for individuals needing the protection of a tight-fitted respirator (i.e. N95, N100). Individuals are identified through their submission of the Occupational Health Questionnaire. The RRPP also provides online training and fit testing services for those individuals who obtain appropriate medical clearance to wear a tight-fitted respirator. The RRPP will also provide training and approval, through the Office of Biosafety, for the use of a Powered Air Purifying respirator (PAPR).


PDFs function best when downloaded to your computer and opened with Adobe Acrobat.

Required for all personnel listed who enter animal facilities and have contact with animals (e.g. Researchers, research staff, URAR staff etc…)

Occupational Health Questionnaire via Professional Education Portal (PEP)
Occupational Health Update via Professional Education Portal (PEP)

Required for all personnel listed who enter animal facilities but who do not have animal contact (e.g. Physical Plant Staff, vendors, other authorized visitors).

Non-Contact Animal Exposure Report Form
Non-Contact Information Sheet for High Containment / High Security Facilities

Directions to Occupational Health & Safety Program Provider

Address: Piedmont Occupational Medicine Program
485 Hwy 29 N
Athens, GA 30683

Phone: 706-353-6000 – Option 1

Directions: Piedmont Occupational Medicine is located at 485 Highway 29 North, just past Athens Technical College. Go straight at the light. Make the first available U-turn, head back the opposite way and look for it on the right (before McDonald’s).