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Finance & Human Resources

The Office of Finance & Human Resources manages and monitors the financial resources of the Office of Research and University of Georgia Research Foundation.

Business Engagement

Business Engagement works with industry partners to help them access UGA research expertise and capabilities that will address their specific problems.

Core Facility Business Services

Core Facility Business Services provides business support to core facilities across UGA.

Defense and Security Collaborations

The role of Defense and Security Collaborations is to facilitate participation with and investments from U.S. Department of Defense agencies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. intelligence agencies and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Economic Development

Economic Development extends the resources of the university throughout the state and beyond, to improve the quality of life. Based in Atlanta, the office serves businesses and communities throughout the state.

Faculty External Honors

Faculty External Honors provides dedicated staff to ensure nominations of UGA faculty for prestigious and competitive national and international awards.

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology provides support of Office of Research information systems with the overall goal of optimizing online business processes.

Innovation Gateway

Innovation Gateway is the university’s research commercialization unit, helping UGA researchers protect intellectual property and move research breakthroughs into the marketplace through licensing and startups.

Integrative Team Initiatives

The Office of Integrative Team Initiatives provides resources for UGA faculty to help them form new and strengthen existing teams, as well as to successfully prepare, plan and execute large, center-scale team research proposals and achieve the deep integration such proposals require between research, education, a culture of diversity and inclusion, and the innovation ecosystem.

Internal Grants & Awards

Internal Grants & Awards funds competitive internal grants to support initial work by early career faculty and research in new areas of endeavor, supports travel to foreign conferences and symposia.

Legal Advisors

Legal Advisors at The Office of Research includes two attorneys who advise on legal matters related to the research enterprise, including those related to sponsored projects, technology commercialization, material transfer, data sharing, research compliance, and research service activities performed by Office of Research centers, institutes, and core facilities.

Postdoctoral Affairs

Postdoctoral Affairs oversees the policies and programs that support the postdoctoral training experience at UGA.

Proposal Enhancement

The Office for Proposal Enhancement (OPE) provides technical and skilled administrative support to faculty from across campus who are developing proposals for external funding. Our goals are to facilitate proposal submission and to improve the quality of proposals.

Research Communications

Research Communications provides information about the latest UGA research findings, and  communicates the services provided to the UGA research enterprise.

Research Integrity & Safety

The Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS) partners with the University community by providing professional oversight, training, subject matter expertise and support that fosters optimal science and scholarship while promoting integrity and safety. It encompasses the offices of Animal Care and Use, Biosafety, Conflicts of Interest, Export Control, Human Subjects, Research Security & Export ControlResearch Safety, Research Occupational Health and Safety Program, and Research Integrity and Safety Support Services.

Animal Care & Use

The Office of Animal Care & Use oversees use of animals in scientific investigation and instruction at UGA and manages the compliance activities of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Administers University Research Animal Resources (URAR) for UGA’s biomedical research facilities.


The Office of Biosafety oversees use of biohazardous materials and manages the compliance activities of  the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Administers  the Select Agent and Toxin Program (SAP) for UGA’s main campus facilities.

Conflicts of Interest

The Conflicts of Interest office helps faculty and staff appropriately disclose outside activities and interests, assists supervisors in reviewing outside activity approval forms, and reviews disclosed activities and interest to ensure any conflicts of interest or commitment are appropriately managed, reduced, or eliminated. The office assesses university-wide COI policies and related procedures; streamlines disclosure, management and approval processes; and engages the university community in outreach and education.

Export Control

Export Control provides oversight, assistance, and training in complying with Federal export control regulations regarding access by foreign nationals to or the transfer abroad of scientific instruments, technologies, software and materials.

Human Subjects

The Human Subjects Office oversees research activity that involves human subjects to assures the highest ethical and professional standards, and manages the compliance activities of the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Research Security & Export Control

The Office of Research Security and Export Control (ORSEC) identifies research security and export control risks, reviews numerous university transactions from sponsored research to visa sponsorship, and provides guidance and training to university personnel. ORSEC works to ensure that federally funded research activity at UGA meets evolving federal mandates for the creation of a “research security program.”

Research Integrity & Safety Support Services

Research Integrity & Safety Support Services provides both in-person and online training courses. Resources are available for faculty, administrators, staff and students.

Research Safety

The Office of Research Safety provides guidance to UGA faculty, staff and students on the safe use of chemical agents, radiation safety and laser safety.

Research Personnel

Research Personnel oversees policies and programs for postdoctoral training, research scientists, and visiting researchers and scholars.

Research Occupational Health and Safety Program

The Research Occupational Health and Safety Program (R-OHSP) provides preventative healthcare services to the University of Georgia research community under UGA’s Research Occupational Health and Safety Program Policy.

Research Support Services

Research Support Services provides UGA researchers with access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, chemicals, laboratory supplies and equipment, technical expertise, and cost-competitive services.

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects Administration comprises unit-focused teams if pre-award and post-award staff members to ensure a seamless continuum of grants services, from proposal development and submission to award establishment, administration, renewal and close-out.

Technology Transfer (Innovation Gateway)

Innovation Gateway serves the UGA community by connecting industry with university expertise and inventions for the public good, promoting economic development and increasing research visibility.

UGA Research Foundation

The UGA Research Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization separate from UGA, UGARF serves the University and enhances its excellence as a research institution by serving as the legal recipient of contracts and grants from industry, public and private non-profits, and government agencies for the performance of research and education.