Office of Research

Request a Room Reservation in Coverdell Center

  • In Outlook, use the scheduling assistant and room finder tools to request a room reservation. Alternatively, you can add any of the following rooms to the meeting invitation as an attendee. See room capacity and amenities below.
    • Coverdell N104
    • Coverdell 106
    • Coverdell S141
    • Coverdell S175
    • Coverdell N339
    • Coverdell 340
    • Coverdell S341
    • Coverdell Lobby
    • Coverdell Rotunda
  • Select the desired room, and confirm it is free before sending your request.
  • No room reservations are final until they are approved by the Office of Research team.

If you need assistance with Coverdell room reservations, please contact the Office of Research team at or 706-542-5969.

RoomCapacitySeating ArrangementA/V Equipment
Coverdell N10420Conference tableProjector, PC with A/V inputs, webcam with microphone
Coverdell 1066Conference tableProjector with A/V inputs
Coverdell S14110Conference tableTV with A/V Inputs, webcam with microphone
Coverdell S17585AuditoriumTwo projectors, PC with A/V inputs, document camera, webcam, microphone
Coverdell N33916Conference tableTV with A/V inputs, webcam with microphone
Coverdell 34020Lounge with balconyProjector screen (must supply projector)
Coverdell 34116Conference tableTV with A/V inputs, webcam with microphone
Coverdell Lobby and Rotunda85Round tables, folding chairs, & poster easels upon request None

Coverdell equipment reservations (tables, chairs, and poster easels) are available through the Biomedical and Translational Sciences Institute. Note: Coverdell equipment reservations are self-serve, and reservations do not include assistance with setup, breakdown, or cleanup.

Please contact us if food will be served at your event.