Coverdell Calendar and Room Request Information

How to login to your email:

    1. Go to to access your UGA email.
    2. Click the blue box in the center of the page that reads “Log in to UGAMail.”
    3. Enter your entire UGA email and password.
    4. To access your calendar, click the tab in the far right corner that says “Calendar.”

How to check for the availability of a room:

    1. At the bottom left corner of the page, click the “Calendar” icon.
    2. On the left hand column, in “Search Calendar” box
    3. Type in the desired building and room number.
      For example, “Coverdell S175.” Click “Open.”
    4. NOTICE: You may change viewing compatibility by the tabs (“Day, Work Week, Week, Month” ) found in the upper right corner. You can change the day by clicking on the small calendar on the left column.
      This will show you if the desired room is available, as well as the time an existing event is scheduled in that room.

How to request a room:

    1. Click on the “Calendar” tab under “My Calendars” to view your personal calendar.
    2. Select the appropriate date you wish to request a room on your own calendar, not the room calendar.
    3. Double click on the time slot that corresponds to the time you would like to schedule the room.
    4. Enter in the appropriate information (“Event Title, Date, Time, Duration, etc.”).
      * Note: What you enter as the “Event” will appear as the title of this event on all door signs. For example: “CBIO/IDIS 8100” or “Kissinger Lab Meeting.” Please make this concise.
    5. The “Attendees” field is where you will add the building and room number. To do this, click on the “+” tab on the far right. Enter in the building and room number. For example: “Coverdell S175” and click enter. To add the room, click the “+.” (You may also add other attendees in this slot.)
    6. To make this a reoccurring event, use the drop down menu labeled “Repeat” to select your preference. Please be aware of when each semester ends. Reoccurrences are only accepted for up to three semesters.
      • If there are significant conflicts for a recurring event, the entire series will be declined.
      • If there are only a few conflicts, the entire series will be accepted, then follow-up emails will be sent declining the particular days that conflict with a previously scheduled event.
      • You may also delete an individual day within your reoccurring event by double clicking on that date and selecting “Open Occurrence.”
    7. Upon completion of all the fields, click “Send” at the top of the window.* Note: This request will then be sent to the Calendar Administrator. You will then immediately receive an email that says your room “has tentatively accepted this meeting.”
      • If it is verified that there are no conflicting requests for that room, your room request will be approved, and you will be notified with a new email.
      • If there is a conflict, you will receive an email saying that your request has been declined.
    8. If you need to change or cancel a room request, you may do this via the event on your calendar. The change will then be sent to the Calendar Administrator for approval. (Deletions will automatically delete from the room calendar.)