Select Agent Program

Select agents and toxins are high-consequence agents that pose a severe threat to public, animal or plant health.

The CDC and USDA maintain a list of select agents and toxins and restrict the possession of such agents. There are criminal and civil penalties for unauthorized possession, use or transfer of a select agent.

To initiate research involving select agents or toxins, contact the Office of Biosafety.

Reporting Concerns

For all UGA biosafety/biosecurity assurance concerns:

UGA Responsible Official
Phone: 706-542-5563
(phone calls can be handled anonymously)

The University of Georgia, HHS Office of Inspector General and USDA Office of Inspector General each provide a confidential / anonymous mechanism for you to report safety, security and other concerns associated with select agents and toxins. When reporting issues, indicate it is a “Select Agent Program” issue.


UGA Compliance, Ethics and Reporting

HHS Office of Inspector General

USDA Office of Inspector General