Office of Research

Office of Research advisory groups

The Office of Research welcomes feedback from all campus stakeholders. Several advisory groups meet regularly that provide input to the Office of Research on all aspects of its operations, including support services, policy development, and other administrative functions related to the UGA research enterprise.

Research Communication and Collaboration Roundtable (RCCR)

The goal of the Research Communication and Collaboration Roundtable (RCCR) is to create an interdisciplinary community of research leaders and administrators to collectively identify strategic opportunities for collaboration and growth by sharing best practices, identifying institutional barriers to growth and collaboration, and proposing solutions to remove these barriers. RCCR members provide important communication links between the faculty they represent and leadership in the Office of Research, and RCCR members partner as needed with faculty and staff in FASTER (see below) to address acute process issues in the Office of Research. 

RCCR meetings are open to RCCR members (or their proxies), Office of Research leadership, and invited presenters. RCCR members are defined by appointment as an Associate Dean for Research or Center/Institute Director. 

For more information about RCCR, contact Shelley Hooks, Associate Vice President for Internal Grants & Awards and Research Personnel. 

Faculty and Staff Team to Enhance Research (FASTER)

The goal of the FASTER team is to collect input from a wide cross-section of UGA units and constituencies, encouraging collective problem solving and discussion of new ideas to remove obstacles, reduce bureaucracy, and improve service/support for UGA’s research community. 

FASTER is composed of faculty and staff members in various positions, disciplines, and ranks by design to ensure that a broad range of perspectives are represented. Click here to nominate an individual for member in FASTER.   

For more information about FASTER, contact Shawn Hill, Director of Programs & Change Management.