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Postdoc Appointments: Beginning, Middle and End

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1 p.m.


  • Shelley Hooks, associate vice president, Office of Research
  • Sige Burden, senior director, Faculty & Staff Relations
  • Mike Gorman, director, People Operations – Workforce Planning & Recruitment

Description: Representatives from the Office of Postdoc Affairs and Human Resources will review and provide updates on policies related to postdoc appointments, salary, benefits, promotion, separation/termination and transition to fellowships. The session is targeted primarily for faculty advisors and administrative staff who support postdoctoral research appointments, but postdocs are also welcome.

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“Copyright Compliance: Understanding the Doctrine of Fair Use”

Friday, Oct. 9, 11 a.m.

Presenter: Marshall Chalmers, associate general counsel, Office of Legal Affairs

Description: The discovery and dissemination of knowledge lies at the heart of our educational mission. The use of online tools increases our ability to create and share new information, as well as our ability to use resources developed by others for the benefit of our students. While we must always be cognizant of intellectual property concerns, the shift to online learning places greater emphasis on copyright compliance.  There are a number of ways to ensure we have the right permissions to use copyrighted materials in our teaching; one method is through the application of the doctrine of fair use. In this Research Matters Live event, we will explore the doctrine of fair use as set out in the Copyright Act of 1976, discussing its purpose, origins and current application, including a close look at the University System of Georgia’s fair use compliance toolkit. It is recommended that participants take a look at the USG Fair Use Checklist prior to the session and consider how copyright and fair use might impact their own course design.

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“Building Effective Interdisciplinary Teams”

Friday, Aug. 28, 11 a.m.


Dorothy Carter, assistant professor, Dept. of Psychology

Larry Hornak, associate vice president for integrative team initiatives, Office of Research

Description: As the scale and complexity of research continues to grow, research is increasingly conducted by multi-disciplinary teams and larger groups rather than individual investigators. But interdisciplinary collaboration brings its own challenges that can impact a team’s progress in achieving its goals. How does a team-based approach to scholarship work? In this session, faculty will learn tips about establishing multi-disciplinary research teams, writing effective proposals for collaborative research, and managing a team’s activities once a project is under way.

Navigating UGA Elements

Tuesday, June 30, 1 p.m.

Robert Scott, director of special projects, Graduate School; professor, Dept. of Chemistry
Carly Surratt, UGA Elements and faculty business process coordinator, Office of the Provost

Description: In this session, you will learn how to use UGA Elements effectively to track your research outputs and accomplishments. We will discuss the kinds of data that Elements pre-populates from UGA or external sources, and we will show you how to add information about your professional activities. You will learn how to use the supporting resources designed to help you with this task. We will discuss the integration of UGA Elements with ORCID and show how to synchronize your publications in these two systems. Finally, we will talk about the uses of UGA Elements data for activity report and CV generation, for group reporting, and for feeding public profiles.