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“What in the World is Innovation, Anyway?”

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2:30-3:30 p.m.


  • Ian Biggs, Director, Director of Innovation Gateway Startups, Office of Research; Director of Innovation District Programming
  • Derek Eberhart, Associate Vice President, Innovation Gateway, Office of Research
  • Yuan Si, Senior Licensing Associate, Innovation Gateway

Innovation Gateway is here to help UGA researchers with all kinds of innovation. Whether your idea is a new drug with commercial potential or an organizational policy with societal impact, whatever the idea, the Innovation Gateway team is here to help. This edition of Research Live will educate you on the different paths down which your innovative ideas could take you and show you how Innovation Gateway’s Startups and Licensing teams can help you achieve maximum impact from your innovations.

“Get Thee to Market: How Innovation Gateway Can Help You Commercialize Your Research”

Friday, April 14, 2023 at 11 a.m.


  • Boyce Clark, assistant director for licensing, Innovation Gateway
  • Monica Williams, pipeline program manager, Innovation Gateway
  • Christy Anderson, associate director for startups, Innovation Gateway

Join members of the Innovation Gateway team to learn how UGA can help protect your discoveries and bring your research to market through product licensing or startup formation (or both!). Gateway has grown its team and enhanced its educational offerings for 2023, and this session is your chance to hear from those new team members about how commercialization can fit into your research program.

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The Latest in Research Commercialization @ UGA

Friday, April 8, 11 a.m

Description: Interested in commercializing your research? Got questions about intellectual property (IP)? In this session, leaders from Innovation Gateway will provide an update on the latest news and programs from UGA’s research commercialization unit. Innovation Gateway supports IP protection and licensing, and provides support for UGA-affiliated startup companies. Offering both graduate student internships and a postdoctoral program, Innovation Gateway also manages several programs for the university’s Innovation District, including the NSF I-Corps program, Faculty Innovation Fellows, Innovation Bootcamp and more. Innovation Gateway is housed in two locations on north campus, Terrell Hall and the new Delta Innovation Hub.


  • Derek Eberhart, associate vice president for research & executive director, Innovation Gateway
  • Ian Biggs, director of startups, Innovation Gateway
  • Shelley Fincher, senior plant licensing manager, Innovation Gateway

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“What is UGA’s I-Corps Program?”

June 2, 1 p.m.

Description: UGA I Corps is an NSF-funded program that supports the creation, development, and nurturing of entrepreneurial teams interested in transitioning their ideas, technologies, devices, processes or other intellectual activities to the marketplace. Launched at UGA in 2017, the program has graduated nearly 75 teams to date, with the addition of at least one new cohort each semester. This session will explain the mentorship and guidance offered through I Corps, including how it can connect teams with potential funding resources and the continuing entrepreneurial pathway for I Corps teams once they graduate from the program.

Speaker: Ian Biggs, director of startups, Innovation Gateway

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“Intellectual Property & Commercialization Basics”

Friday, April 24, 11 a.m.

Moderator: Crystal Leach, director, Office of Industry Collaborations


  • Derek Eberhart, associate vice president for research, executive director of Innovation Gateway
  • Ian Biggs, director of startups, Innovation Gateway

Description: You have an idea or invention which might have commercial potential. Now what? Navigating the pathway to commercializing your product or idea can quickly feel overwhelming. This session is geared towards helping researchers better understand intellectual property, commercialization and the key processes that surround each of these important topics. The executive director of Innovation Gateway and the director of startups at UGA will be on hand to help you understand how UGA can support you in bringing your research discoveries to market.