University Research Animal Resources

University Research Animal Resources (URAR) supports UGA’s missions of research, education, and service by providing appropriate husbandry and handling of laboratory animals through animal facility management, technical assistance, training, and consultation.

The URAR animal care and use program is accredited by AAALAC International (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), is licensed by the USDA, and maintains an Assurance of Compliance with the Public Health Service.

URAR partners with researchers to ensure optimal animal well-being and compliance with campus policies and federal regulations concerning the care and use of laboratory animals.

URAR Emergency Number


URAR Facilities

URAR Handbook

The University Research Animal Resources Orientation Handbook is a resource for investigators, research professionals, and students working in animal research facilities under University Research Animal Resources (URAR) at UGA. It includes policies, procedures, regulations and standards that apply to animal use at UGA; and information about biosafety, personal safety and occupational health, animal care, health and transport. Specific facilities are covered in appendices. 

Outstanding Employee Recognition Award

The University Research Animal Resources Outstanding Employee Recognition Award recognizes URAR employees for outstanding service to URAR and the research community.

Two awards are presented twice annually — once during the summer and once at the end of the year.


Any URAR employee other than the Director, Veterinarians, Operations Manager, or Business Manager is eligible. An employee may win the award only once in any calendar year.


Any URAR employee or research lab member may nominate an employee or team. Download the nomination form here or contact an Animal Facility Supervisor for a copy. You may also send an email that covers all information requested.

Nominations submitted from the December to May period will be considered for the June award. Nominations submitted from the June to November period will be considered for the December award.

Submit nominations to Carrie Birdwell at

Award Committee

The award committee will consist of four URAR members. Annually, the URAR Director will appoint two non-eligible employees (one from URAR-Vet Med and one from URAR-Life Sciences).

They will serve for one year (two award periods). The committee’s third and fourth members are the winners from the previous award period, and serve on the committee for just one award period.

Award Criteria

Employees shall be nominated based on the following criteria:

  1. Consistently performs high-quality work
  2. Displays exceptional dependability
  3. Creates a positive work environment and enhances the image of the URAR
  4. Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed
  5. Has a positive attitude and interacts professionally with all staff members and researchers
  6. Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned and/or provides creative suggestions for improvement
  7. Volunteers for special projects
  8. Specific service/s as described by the nominator