Research Integrity & Safety Support Services

Animal Care & Use Training

The University of Georgia regards the use of animals in research and instruction to be an integral component of continued progress in science, medicine, education, and agriculture. Federal laws and guidelines, as well as our own ethical obligations, require us to ensure that all personnel working with animals are appropriately qualified and trained.

In order to meet these obligations, the following mandatory courses/forms are required prior to approval of all Animal Use Protocols.

New Personnel

UGA IACUC 101AALAS Learning Library via Professional Education Portal3 years
Staying HealthyAALAS Learning Library via Professional Education PortalNone *
Occupational Health QuestionnaireInformation regarding the Research Occupational Health Program via Occupational Health and Safety ProgramRecommend yearly updates
Facility-Specific OrientationContact Animal Vivarium SupervisorPrior to gaining access to the facility

Continuing Personnel

Continued Education (1 hour) **AALAS Learning Library via PEP or other outside trainingDocumentation required every 3 years
Facility-Specific OrientationContact Animal Vivarium SupervisorOnly if inactive for >1 year

Additional Opportunities

  • Sharps Training on the AALAS Learning Library via PEP – this course will be mandatory for all persons included on an Animal Use Protocol in January 2018, but is available now (.5 hour)
  • A huge variety of other courses on the AALAS Learning Library via PEP covering all aspects of animal-based research
  • Detailed descriptions for Common Technical Procedures for common laboratory animals.
  • Interactive website to help in the design of animal experiments at
  • Species-specific technique training by request
  • Additional training on animal research regulations and guidelines or public outreach available by request

For additional information or to request training, please contact the Research Integrity and Safety Support Services at