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Proactive Resilience Plan (PReP): An Integrated Framework Applied to Critical Economic Sectors

This study proposes a comprehensive resilience management framework that aims to bring stakeholders from different critical sectors and society together to collectively work under a common objective of achieving over-arching national resilience. Sub-project 1 aims at developing a national resilience framework for Qatar. Sub-project 2 will focus on the social, societal, and policy dimensions of national-level resilience-building as they cut across all other (physical, technological, informational, economic etc.) aspects of resilience. It will provide for a vital and dynamic bridge between Sub-project 1 and the cluster critical sectors. Sub-projects 3, 4 and 5 will serve two pivotal roles. They will be the source of technical knowledge and information about the networks that will be incorporated in the framework (Sub-project 1). At the same time, they represent the critical sectors for which we will develop score cards and help to demonstrate the efficacy of the national framework. The first sector is physical infrastructure (Sub-project 3) that includes water supply, power generation, and the transportation network. The second sector is manufacturing systems (Sub-project 4), which addresses strategic areas in the Qatar National Development Strategy 2018-2022. Sub-project 4 will also improve the preparedness of the supply chain network in order to open alternatives for enhancing the national resilience. The third sector (Sub-project 5) is industrial plants and facilities, including upstream (oil and gas production) and downstream products.  Our project is based on the merit that achieving a deep and truly effective national resilience framework with added value for policymaking and business continuity is only achieved by accounting for the human, social, behavioral and larger societal factors impacting physical and technological assets.

Funder: Qatar Foundation via Texas A&M for Proactive Resilience Plan (PReP)

Amount: $531,161

PI: Bjorn Birgisson