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NIH Forms Update for Applications On or After May 25

Get instructions for the newest version of NIH applications forms, FORMS-D.

NIH announced last fall that it would roll out a forms update (FORMS-D) for applications due on or after May 25, 2016.

The general instructions for the newest version of NIH application forms are now available in an interactive HTML version for ease of on-line use, in addition to a pdf version. An annotated forms set is also available, to walk you through the changes.


The due date you are submitting to determines your form package. For continuous submission, use the due date you would have been held to if not eligible for continuous submission.

  • February/March 2016 due dates – use FORMS-C; your applications will be assigned to October council if you submit on or before April 16
  • May 7, 2016 AIDS due date – use FORMS-C and complete your submission by May 23 to be assigned to October council (note this is an earlier cut-off than is standard)
  • June/July 2016 due dates – use FORMS-D; you will be able to begin submitting FORMS-D applications as early as April 17 for January council
Major Changes

Most of the forms haven’t changed substantially. However, there has been a significant reorganization of fields on the following forms that you’ll want to become familiar with:

  • PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental Form
  • PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan
  • PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form
The FORMS-D revision is one of many made by NIH to assist researchers with their applications. A re-vamped NIH website also includes:
  • Instructions for all types of grant programs consolidated into the general instructions, and reorganized information to make very clear how each instruction applies to each of the various grant programs (research, training, career development, etc.). These general instructions are a great option for those who submit applications for various types of grant programs.
  • Filtered PDF versions of the form instructions that show only the instructions you need for the type of grant program to which you are applying, instructions specific to research, career development, training, fellowships, multi-project, or small business (SBIR/STTR) applications.

    If you have questions on these resources or the transition to FORMS-D, please contact your Sponsored Projects Team.