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Action needed: Principal Investigators, Laboratory Supervisors to update emergency contact information in Chematix 

After several recent incidents that have required police or fire assistance in the research labs after hours or on weekends, the Office of Research Integrity & Safety is requiring all principal investigators and laboratory supervisors to register or update their primary and alternate emergency contacts in the Chematix system. This information will only be made available to UGA Police and UGA Lab Safety. 


Only Principal Investigators and Laboratory Supervisors assigned in the Chematix system can enter this information. 

1.       Login to the Chematix system at using your UGA credentials.  

2.      Click on the Resources tab in the menu bar.  

3.      Click the View My Locations on the Resource Management page.  

4.      Click the laboratory location/name under your respective assignment (PI or Lab Supervisor). The link will show the building number, the room number and the lab name identifier. For example, 1000/0531/C – Smith is the link that identifies the Smith Laboratory in room 531 of the Biological Science building. 

5.      On the bottom of the following page, click the After-Hours Contacts button.  

6.     Enter cell and/or home number for both a primary and secondary contact. These contacts should have after-hours entry access and knowledge of all hazards in the lab space. All of your lab locations require a primary and secondary contact. 

7.      Click Submit. A success message will appear.   

8.      Repeat this procedure for each of your assigned locations.   

9.     Logout of the system when finished.   

If your lab location is not listed or if you encounter any issues with the Chematix system while updating your emergency contacts, contact the Environmental Safety Division at 706-542-5801 or email