Research Safety

Chemical Safety Inspection Calendar

These dates are subject to change. Every effort will be made to adhere to the schedule as outlined above. If major changes occur to the schedule, an updated schedule will be placed on the Office of Research Safety website so laboratory personnel are encouraged to check the website periodically for any updates.

2019 Schedule

Building(s)2019-2020 Months
Science Learning Center & CoverdellJuly
Environmental Health Science, Riverbend North & South, Food ScienceAugust
Aderhold, Ecology, Miller Plant ScienceOctober
Animal Dairy Science & Rhodes Center, Poultry ScienceDecember
CCRC & CMM, Psychology, Physics, Baldwin Hall, University Health CenterJanuary
Life SciencesFebruary
Forestry & WhitehallMarch
College of Vet MedApril
Geography/Geology, Marine Science, CAIS, College of PharmacyMay
CAGT, PDRC, Greenhouses, Agronomy Seed Lab, Soil Testing Lab, Ag Services Lab, Nematology Lab, Botanical Gardens, Bioconversion Lab, JP Campbell, Barrow Hall, Bee LabsJune