Research Safety

Gases that are Prohibited from Purchase with a P-Card

(Please note, this list is not all-inclusive. It is maintained by the Office of Research Safety. The office can be contacted at 706-542-9088 with any questions or comments.)

Gas CAS Number Hazards
Ammonia 7664‐41‐7 Corrosive
Arsine 7784–42–1 Highly toxic, flammable, pyrophoric
Boron tribromide 10294–33–4 Toxic, corrosive
Boron trichloride 10294–34–5 Corrosive
Boron trifluoride 7637–07–2 Toxic, corrosive
Bromine 7726–95–6 Highly toxic, corrosive
Carbon monoxide 630–08–0 Toxic, flammable
Chlorine 7782–50–5 Toxic, corrosive, oxidizer
Chlorine dioxide 10049–04–4 Toxic, oxidizer
Chlorine trifluoride 7790–91–2 Toxic, oxidizer, corrosive
Diborane 19278–45–7 Highly toxic, flammable,
Dichlorosilane 4109–96–0 Toxic, corrosive
Ethylene oxide 75–21–8 Toxic, flammable
Fluorine 7782–41–4 Highly toxic, corrosive, oxidizer
Germane 7782–65–2 Highly toxic, flammable
Hydrogen1333-74-0Highly flammable
Hydrogen bromide 10035–10–6 Toxic, corrosive
Hydrogen chloride 7647–01–0 Toxic, corrosive
Hydrogen cyanide 74–90–8 Highly toxic, flammable
Hydrogen fluoride 7664–39–3 Toxic, corrosive
Hydrogen iodide 10034‐85‐2 Toxic, corrosive
Hydrogen selenide 7783–07–5 Highly toxic, flammable
Hydrogen sulfide 7783–06–4 Toxic, flammable, corrosive
Methane74-82-8Highly flammable
Methyl bromide 74–83–9 Toxic
Methyl isocyanate 624‐83‐9 Highly toxic, flammable
Methyl mercaptan 74–93–1 Toxic, flammable
Nickel carbonyl 13463–39–3 Highly toxic, flammable
Nitric oxide 10102–43–9 Highly toxic, oxidizer
Nitrogen dioxide 10102–44–0 Highly toxic, oxidizer, corrosive
Ozone 10028‐15‐6 Highly toxic, oxidizer
Phosgene 75–44–5 Highly toxic
Phosphine 7803–51–2 Highly toxic, flammable, pyrophoric
Phosphorus oxychloride 10025–87–3 Highly toxic, Water reactive
Phosphorus pentafluoride 7647‐19‐0 Toxic, oxidizer, corrosive
Phosphorus trichloride 7719‐12‐2 Toxic, corrosive
Selenium hexafluoride 7783–79–1 Highly toxic, corrosive
Silane 7803‐62‐5 Pyrophoric
Silicon tetrachloride 10026–04–7 Toxic, corrosive
Silicon tetrafluoride 7783–61–1 Toxic, corrosive
Stibine 7803–52–3 Highly toxic, flammable
Sulfur dioxide 7446–09–5 Toxic, corrosive
Sulfuryl fluoride 2699–79–8 Toxic, corrosive
Tellurium hexafluoride 7783–80–4 Highly toxic, corrosive
Titanium tetrachloride 7550–45–0 Highly toxic, corrosive
Tungsten hexafluoride 7783–82–6 Toxic, corrosive