License Your Research Tools, Generate Research Funding

Master licensing agreements between UGA and Kerafast,  a company that sells rare and unique academic research tools to life science laboratories worldwide, is allowing UGA investigators to efficiently move research tools, from chemicals to biologic materials, from their labs to other universities, as well as non-profit and for-profit research institutions and organizations.

More than 50 products developed by UGA researchers have been made available to the scientific community through Kerafast, while many other materials are being considered for licensing by the company. Five UGA principal investigators are currently using Kerafast’s program:  Michelle Momany,  plant genetics; Michael W.W. Adams, biochemistry and molecular biology; Richard B. Meager, genetics; Duncan C. Ferguson, physiology, pharmacology and small-animal medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine; and  Michael P. Doyle, Department of Food Science & Technology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

These agreements considerably reduce the need for transfer of materials to be preceded by Material Transfer Agreements. As part of these agreements, the company cites publications by UGA researchers that are pertinent to each UGA material the company distributes and also links those products to the researchers’ web pages, enhancing the visibility of UGA research programs.

Kerafast generates an additional funding source for laboratories and research programs by utilizing an online platform to license research materials and tools originating from research institutions. Proceeds from the sales of these materials are then shared between the investigators and the University of Georgia Research Foundation. Kerafast’s interests range from unique chemicals to complex biologic materials (including cells), including hard-to-make organic molecules, metal complexes with unusual properties and structures, antibodies, and GM cells, to name a few.

Nearly 30 UGA faculty, researchers, and scientists, and representatives of UGA’s BioBusiness Center resident companies, recently attended a presentation and luncheon hosted by the UGA Technology Commercialization Office and Kerafast. Access the presentation and learn more: Contact Gene Gama, Senior Licensing Manager, at or 706-583-8088.