Research Communications

Branding for Administrative Units

All Office of Research administrative units (Animal Care & Use, Biosafety, Human Subjects, Internal Grants & Awards, Sponsored Projects Administration, Innovation Gateway, etc.) will find their logos and guidance for consistent implementation of the UGA brand on this page.

  • The new logo for your administrative unit within Office of Research should replace any logos you have used previously.
  • Most unit names have been edited in the logos to remove “Office of” to eliminate redundancy (i.e., “Office of Research Compliance” is “Research Compliance”; Office of Internal Grants & Awards” is “Internal Grants & Awards.”
  • Logos include the name of the unit in conjunction with Office of Research (i.e., “Internal Grants & Awards/Office of Research.”
    • Exception: “Sponsored Projects Administration” (no “Office of Research”)
    • Only official logo files should be used, including but not limited to: printed publications (brochures, flyers, forms), websites, PowerPoint presentations, video productions, exhibit materials, posters, banners, etc.
    • Logos should never be copied from a website.
    • See the UGA Brand Toolkit for detailed guidance on co-branding, typography, colors, graphic elements, photography, digital and print standards.
    • Any intended use of the University of Georgia name or logo on merchandise, whether it is to be sold or given away, must be approved. Contact Research Communications for assistance.

Logos are available in:

  • Alternative versions (formal, horizontal, extreme horizontal).
  • Different formats for print or screen.

Download Logos: Administrative Unit Sets

Contact Research Communications for assistance.

Email signatures should follow the example below. (This is the same format as recommended previously, with “Office of the Vice President for Research” changed to “Office of Research.”)

Name in bold, PhD, DVM, JD, etc. (as applicable)
Title | Sub-unit if necessary
Office of Research | University of Georgia
109 Tucker Hall, 310 East Campus Road, Athens, GA 30602
Office: 706.542.4874 | Fax: 706.542.4388 |


  • Note applicable professional designations after your name if you wish to include them.
  • Use black font.
  • Use a common, easily read font (Calibri, Arial or Times Roman).
  • Use 10-14 point type size.


  • Don’t use background colors.
  • Don’t use ornate or decorative fonts.
  • Don’t augment your signature with images or personal quotations.
  • Digital letterhead follows the same guidelines as printed letterhead. See next section.
  • Font settings for the header and unit information should not be changed.

Download digital letterhead templates. Office of Research units should use template A.

  • Use any remaining letterhead, envelopes and business cards you may have before reprinting.
  • The University of Georgia logo is the only logo used on letterhead.
  • Stationery (letterhead, envelopes and business cards) can be ordered from Bulldog Print + Design and Tate Print & Copy center to ensure individuals receive the correct layout and paper stock. Guidance for ordering:
    • Ink color: Select Red & Black ink.
    • Business cards: Four formats of business cards are available; Office of Research units should select Option B.
    • Letterhead: Three formats for letterhead are available; Office of Research units should select Option A.
    • Four letterhead and envelope paper choices are available. If you would like to see them before, contact Research Communications or visit the printer.

Click on example to view.

Sample Letterhead & Business Card

examples of letterhead and business cards at University of Georgia

Contact Research Communications for assistance with your initial order.

  • Promotional items (i.e., pens, mugs, t-shirts, bookmarks, keychains, etc.) bearing a UGA or UGA logo that will be given away must be approved by UGA Marketing and Communications, and must be purchased from an approved vendor.
  • Signs, banners, tradeshow displays and other items of a permanent nature also must be approved.

Contact Research Communications for assistance in submitting a request to UGA Marketing and Communications for any item.

UGA has specific guidelines for visually indicating internal and external partnerships or co-sponsorships with both internal partners and external partners.

Click on example to view.

External Co-Branding

examples of co-branding University of Georgia logos without outside entities

Internal Co-Sponsorship

internal branding examples at University of Georgia

Contact Research Communications for assistance in selecting the appropriate format/configuration of logos, or in developing an event, conference or special initiative identity.

  • Templates are being developed for commonly used communications materials, like PowerPoints, scientific posters, flyers and brochures. These will be added here as they become available.

Contact Research Communications if you have immediate needs.