Research Integrity & Safety Support Services

Required Training Before Starting Projects

Federal research oversight agencies require research compliance training. There is little harmonization between agencies in what training is needed, for whom or when training needs to occur, or how frequently training must be refreshed.

Your participation in sponsored or non-sponsored activities may trigger training requirements. To help simplify matters, the most common required research compliance training is listed below and specifies for whom the training is needed and how to register for these offerings.

Please be aware that the Sponsored Projects Administration can only establish projects after researchers document requisite training. The Office of Research aims to set up sponsored projects as quickly as possible. The following information helps ensure principal investigators and units can be proactive and complete the required training promptly. Prompt completion of training will facilitate the fastest possible setup of sponsored projects.

While it is easy to perceive required research compliance training as an obstacle between you and your funding, the Office of Research views your commitment to this training as fundamental to fostering UGA’s culture of integrity and safety in research.

Note: The list below addresses the most common required training. However, you and your team may need additional training based on the scope of work, the individuals involved, and the lab and equipment used. Most research compliance training must be updated regularly. The periodicity of refresher varies from one to five years, depending on federal requirements and the research compliance program. Please ensure all compliance training is completed and updated as required. Lapses in training can delay the review and approval of your research compliance protocols.

To assist researchers in determining what trainings apply to their work, the UGA Professional Education Portal offers a Profiler. You can access the Profiler from the Professional Education Portal (PEP) landing page. Once you have answered the questions about your job role, PEP will automatically assign you the most relevant training for your work. Note that there may be situations when additional training is necessary due to the specific circumstances of your research. Each research team member is encouraged to use the PEP Profiler to identify the most likely training requirements for their research endeavors.

Required For


How to Register


Responsible Conduct of Research at UGA (online training)


Access via PEP


Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (live training) 

Also accepted:  QUAL8595, CBIO8080, GENE8650, 

Sign up via Athena for the GRSC8550 course. 

Work with Chemicals

Lab Safety Basics

Access via PEP

The project involves defense articles or dual use technology or the solicitation indicates export controls apply to the project.


Three export compliance modules:

1. Intro to Export Compliance

2. Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I

3. Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II

Access via PEP

The project involves travel to, or collaborators from, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or certain Regions of Ukraine, or individuals associated with Entity List institutions (and the Office of Research Security and Export Control ascertains that activity is permissible under US regulations).


Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs


Export Compliance and Collaborations


Access via PEP

PHS Agencies (NIH, AHRQ, ATSDR, CDC, FDA, HRSA, IHS or SAMHSA) - Grants and Cooperative

Conflicts of Interest

Access via PEP


Unit research administrators can request access to a report that shows training and training completion dates for project team members.  Reviewing and reminding team members of training requirements will enable you to support project teams and assist in expedient sponsored project setup and compliance/protocol review/approval.