Export Control

International Shipping

Individuals engaging in international shipments should contact the Office of Export Control before shipment occurs. For items that are to be exported, either temporarily or permanently, an export classification and restricted party screening of the recipient should be completed by the Office of Export Control.

Individuals may contact the Office of Export Control in a number of ways:

  1. Informally, via email to drunge@uga.edu
  2. International travelers hand-carrying equipment or tools, or personal communication or electronic devices, may submit the “International Travel Export Control Review” form
  3. Export shipments of equipment or tools, related to international travel or not, may be submitted via the “International Shipping Export Control Review” form

The recipients of any international shipment must also undergo a restricted party screening. More information about restricted party screening is available here.

Materials that require a Material Transfer Agreement should be coordinated with Innovation Gateway.

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials shipments should be reviewed by Environmental Safety.

Biosafety should be consulted when shipping biohazardous materials.

Material being returned to a vendor must be reviewed via the Mail & Receiving Services “Material Return Slip and Shipping Permit” form.

The University has a contracted customs broker that may assist with freight forwarding and other logistics for larger items or ocean freight, for example. The broker primarily assists with imports.

Documents or promotional items are not necessarily required to be reviewed, unless they contain confidential or otherwise sensitive technologies or information.

Items to be shipped to Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, or Ukraine require oversight and potential U.S. government permission, regardless of the item to be shipped.

Please contact the Office of Export Control with questions or concerns.