Export Control

Commitment to Compliance

To: All Faculty, Research Staff, Students and Administrative Personnel
From: Pamela Whitten, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost;
David Lee, Vice President for Research
Date: August 1, 2014
Re: University of Georgia Enhances Export Control Compliance

UGA is taking deliberate steps to enhance its export control compliance program, with the goal of facilitating compliance by the research community. Export controls are the U.S. laws and regulations that govern the transfer of controlled items or information to foreign nationals, countries, and entities for reasons of national security and foreign policy. Compliance enhancements include the addition of a dedicated export control compliance officer within the Office of the Vice President for Research, user-friendly export procedures, and awareness training. This website identifies export requirements, answers commonly asked questions, and identifies “go-to” individuals on campus.

Export control regulations have a direct impact on the hardware, laboratory equipment, materials, software, technology and technical data that may be exported to other countries or apply to individual citizens of foreign countries working or studying at UGA. While some regulations have a focus on military technologies, others address dual-use items having both civilian and military applications. Regulations may also restrict specific foreign entities and individuals with which UGA can do business. In recent years, the U.S. Government has strictly enforced these regulations within higher education, resulting in numerous investigations as well as civil and criminal sanctions at the university and individual levels. While UGA is committed to maintaining a teaching and research environment with global reach, we remain equally committed to full compliance with all export regulations.

As with all areas of research compliance, we strongly emphasize taking advantage of these resources. Most importantly, if you have any questions or become aware of a potential export control issue, please contact one of the designated individuals listed on the contacts page as soon as possible.