Visiting Researchers / Scholars

The University of Georgia welcomes visiting researchers and scholars (VRS) from all across the world. As the state’s most comprehensive research institution, UGA proudly hosts the opportunity for VRS at all levels in their academic career. Through the VRS hosting procedures, UGA visiting researchers and scholars have access to necessary UGA resources, as well as identification through a UGAID and appropriate “standing” at UGA.

To ensure Office of Research has time to process Visiting Researcher/Scholar (VRS) requests before the system blackout, please have your VRS Questionnaires submitted no later than Friday, November 30, 2018. Please continue to send your questionnaires after November 30th, as we will continue to process VRS requests when our access resumes.  At this time, our process is not changing but may change in a Phase 2 rollout. All Visiting Researchers & Scholars will continue to process through the Office of Research online questionnaire, not through OneSource. Thank you.