Teaming for Interdisciplinary Research Pre-Seed Program

Workgroup on families, communities, and health

Workgroup on families, communities, and health

Workgroup on families, communities, and health

The goal of this workgroup is provide a forum where faculty from different disciplines (i.e., sociology, genetic, psychology, health communication, and methodology) can collaborate on external funding applications and research papers that use DNA methylation, biomarkers, and longitudinal data to test models examining the link between family and community socio-psychological factors and health outcomes (i.e., epigenetic aging, methylation biomarkers of health behaviors, gene expression of inflammation). Figure 1 summarizes the conceptual model for our workgroup study. Our workgroup will meet once a month to discuss and share ideas. In addition, each semester we will invite a distinguished scholar from outside UGA to share their work and to collaborate on our work. This proposal seeks funding to invite a distinguished scholar (e.g., Steven Horvath, Levine Morgan) and to support team-building activities (e.g., group website development and part-time student support).

Team Lead

Man-Kit Lei
Department of Sociology


Steven S. R. Beach
Department of Psychology

Team Members

Kaixiong Ye
Department of Genetics

Ronald Simons
Department of Sociology

Justin Lavner
Department of Psychology

Jiaying Liu
Department of Communication Studies

Mei Ling Ong
Center for Family Research