Teaming for Interdisciplinary Research Pre-Seed Program

AI driven innovations in agriculture and food systems

AI driven innovations in agriculture and food systems

AI driven innovations in agriculture and food systems

Precision agriculture and high-throughput phenotyping research is among the signature programs at UGA. In particular, the launch of the Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center has created a nucleus for interdisciplinary collaboration and convergence of robotics, AI, and computational sciences in agriculture. The recent successes of the Center and its affiliated members in winning large national competitive grants have laid a strong foundation for this AI Institute proposal and future large grants. UGA also has long-standing strengths in world-class agricultural research programs, including plant breeding, genetics and genomics; integrated pest management; poultry science; and food science and technology. These fundamental and applied research activities are complemented with strong Extension outreach programs and numerous industry collaborations and partnerships. In addition to food production, Georgia is also home to numerous food processing companies, putting us in an excellent position to address AI solutions for the increasing problem of food waste.

The overall goal of the team and the Institute for AI-Driven Innovation in Agricultural and Food Systems is to leverage AI-based technologies to enable transformational innovations in the agri-food system across multiple scales, all with a common focus on risk mitigation and enhancing resilience. The use-inspired research will inform foundational AI research and accelerate AI-powered innovations.

Team Lead

Changying Li
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Team Members

Harald Scherm
Department of Plant Pathology

Kyle Johnsen
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sheng Li
Department of Computer Science

George Vellidis
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Glen Rains
Department of Entomology

Lilong Chai
Department of Poultry Science

Harshavardhan Thippareddi
Department of Poultry Science

Gopinath Munisamy
Department of Ag Econ

Khaled Rasheed
Institute of AI

Alexa Lamm
Ag Leadership, Education and Communication