Research Affiliates

Remote Research Affiliates

The University of Georgia’s collaborators and affiliates are important contributors to our research community.

The Remote Research Affiliate status is for those that are not physically coming to any UGA campus and the purpose is a research collaboration with a UGA faculty member.

  • A Remote Research Affiliate refers to affiliates who are remotely collaborating in research with a UGA faculty and are: 1) not minors or highschool students; 2) are not UGA employees or enrolled students; 2) are not contracted for services or performing a service; 3) are not a part of any other official program on campus, and 4) are not physically coming to campus. 
  • An RRA must have a UGA Faculty Sponsor.
  • If you meet the definition above Office of Research – Research Personnel may be able to assign you a UGA identity as a Remote Research Affiliate after reviewing your request and receiving the applicable UGA faculty sponsor and sponsoring unit approvals.
  • See the next accordion on this page for the request instructions.
  • If you have any questions, please email

Alternatively, if you will physically come to any UGA campus to collaborate or participate in research with a faculty member (and it is not part of an official UGA program), then you will need to request that your UGA faculty sponsor process your visit via the Visiting Researcher/Scholar procedure. Please email with questions about this process.

If you are physically coming to any UGA campus to participate in research and it is part of an official UGA program, then your situation describes a “Program Participant” and your program director should contact the UGA Card Office to process your visit.

Those who are being contracted for services or who are being compensated as a consultant, must go through the UGA Card Office for their status request through the Affiliate form found here.

Request Form: Remote Research Affiliate status may be requested via the Remote Research Affiliate Request Form and can be completed by the person requesting this status.

Important Note: Please note that a Remote Research Affiliate must have a UGA Faculty Sponsor, which is a UGA faculty member.  Staff members are not allowed to be listed in the request as the sponsor.

Timeframe Guidelines for Request Form Submission:

    1. Recommended timeframe to submit a request: One month in advance of the affiliation start date to ensure timely processing.
    2. Maximum timeframe to submit a request: Three months in advance.  Requests submitted more than three months in advance will be asked to resubmit within this maximum time frame from the affiliation start date.


If a Faculty Sponsor has an existing Remote Research Affiliate and wishes to extend the affiliation past the original affiliation end date or past the maximum affiliation duration, please submit a request via the Research Affiliate Extention Request Form.

Should the extension be approved, Office of Research will request the affiliate’s UGAID be reactivated/extended. Extensions are for a maximum of 12 months at a time.