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Office of Research Integrity and Safety E-Learning Commons (eLC) Information

Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS) is currently using UGA’s Academic Learning Management System, e-Learning Commons to house some of our online training courses.  We recognize that this tool is not ideal for this purpose but are limited in our ability to effectively disseminate web-based training.  We are actively pursuing other options that will make accessing online training easier and more intuitive.   We thank you for your patience and understanding with our current system limitations.

Current courses on eLC:

Biosafety Practices and Procedures in BSL-2 Labs

This course provides foundational information for those researchers working in Biosafety Level 2 laboratories.  It is not intended to replace the hand-on training necessary to safety operate in this environment.

In order to have this course added to your eLC account, you must register at BioSafety. You will receive an email with directions on how to access this course, when you have been successfully added.  This process can take 1-2 business days.

Biosafety in Microbiology Teaching Labs

This course provides foundational information for those students working or learning in microbiology teaching laboratories. The course will be assigned by your instructor and they will provide access information if you must complete this training.

Safe Secure Science / Laboratory Safety Basics

UGA is committed to ensuring the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  A key element of this commitment is essential training for everyone working in laboratories.  This obligation is codified in Academic Affairs Policies 6.01 and 6.02 and endorsed by the Environmental Health and Safety Management System Executive Committee.

The first in a series of REQUIRED safety courses has been rolled out.  Laboratory Safety Basics provides introductory information about basic laboratory risks and approaches to mitigation.

Unfortunately, our data cannot identify those working in laboratory spaces.  Those individuals who are not involved in laboratory work will be able to opt out via a preliminary one-question qualifier quiz. Everyone’s participation will help us more accurately target future messages regarding laboratory training.

The Safe Secure Science course is automatically loaded to your e-Learning Commons (eLC) account based on an active account within UGA ID Management.  There are several steps necessary to successfully access this folder.

  1. Login to your eLC account with your UGA MyID and Password.
  2. Under “My Courses” you should see a course that begins with “Safe Secure Science” (if you have more than 10 courses, you will have to search for this course in the top browser bar)
  3. Once you enter the course, you should see directions to “Start Here>>>>”.  Follow this link to the Qualifier Quiz to determine if you must complete the training.
  4. If after completing the Qualifier Quiz, you need to take the Lab Safety Basics course, it will be available in your Content Browser.
  5. Once you have completed the Lab Safety Basics course, please remember to also complete the Lab Safety Basics Quiz that should now be open in your Content Browser. Your participation will be automatically tracked.

If you have any additional questions or problems, please access our Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS) eLC FAQs.

You can also contact us by email at