Research Integrity & Safety Support Services

AALAS Learning Library

The AALAS Learning Library, accessible via PEP is an online training course collection of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science. With over 200 courses and growing, this resource provides the latest information related to animal-based research. The courses are designed to meet training mandates of regulatory agencies, improve knowledge in technical areas, and prepare personnel for AALAS certification.

When you login to PEP, search for “Animal Biosafety Training Program” in the search bar in the upper right of the screen. You must complete all 12 of the “Animal Biosafety Concepts” courses and at least 1 of the “Animal Biosafety Species-Specific” courses in order to obtain the certificate.

When you login to PEP, search for “Respiratory Training Program” in the search bar in the upper right of your screen.

No. Accounts are provided free-of-charge to all personnel listed on an Animal Use Protocol or all those involved directly with the husbandry of animals used for research or instruction.

Access to the AALAS Learning Library is provided via PEP.

At the login screen, enter your UGA MyID and Password.

NOTE: If you are not a member of the UGA faculty, staff or student body and do not already have a UGA Affiliate Account, you please contact the ORC Training Director, Lisa Kelly at

All personnel working with animals at the University of Georgia must complete all mandatory courses.   Refer to Research Integrity & Safety Support Services – Animal Care and Use for further information.

  • Access the PEP website via PEP and log in using your UGA MyID and password or UGA Affiliate credentials.
  • Search for any of the three mandatory courses: “IACUC 101,” “Staying Healthy” and “IACUC 101 Refresher.” “IACUC 101 Refresher” is only for those with previous “IACUC 101” credit.
  • Click Launch to open the the course.

None, though you might want to keep a copy for your records. The Research Integrity & Safety Support Services Office automatically receives transcript information when you successfully complete any course on the in the PEP.