Faculty External Honors

Prestigious & Competitive Prize Winners

The University of Georgia is committed to academic excellence. Our distinguished community of scholars has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Listed here are some of the most prestigious and competitive awards bestowed upon UGA faculty.

Professional Societies

1981 O. Brent Berlin Anthropology, Emeritus
1987 William McFeely History, Emeritus
1994 John Avise Genetics, Emeritus
1998 Wyatt Anderson Genetics
2003 Stephen P. Hubbell Plant Biology
2004 Henry Schaefer Chemistry
2006 Keith Poole Political Science
2007 Paul Schleyer Chemistry
2007 Susan Wessler Genetics / Plant Biology
2010 Roberto Docampo Cellular Biology
2014 Elizabeth Reitz Anthropology

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1960 Lawrence Pomeroy Marine Sciences, Emeritus
1961 William Flatt Foods and Nutrition, Emeritus
1963 Frank Golley Ecology, Emeritus
1965 Gayther Plummer Botany, Emeritus
1965 Richard Wiegert Marine Sciences, Emeritus
1966 John Neter Statistics, Emeritus
1967 John Henkel Physics and Astronomy, Emeritus
1967 Norman Herz Geoarchaeology, Emeritus
1972 S. David Leonard Psychology, Emeritus
1972 Robert Pollack Psychology
1976 Clanton Black Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Emeritus
1981 Paul Schleyer Chemistry
1983 Peter Albersheim CCRC
1983 Richard Hill Chemistry, Emeritus
1983 James W. Porter Ecology
1987 Carl S. Hoveland Crop and Soil Sciences, Emeritus
1988 Lee Pratt Plant Biology, Emeritus
1989 James Hamrick Plant Biology
1989 Sidney Kushner Genetics
1990 Gary W. Barrett Ecology
1990 Gale Buchanan CAES, Emeritus
1992 Gerald Arkin CAES
1992 Lois Miller Genetics and Entomology
1994 David Kissel Crop and Soil Sciences
1994 Anne Summers Microbiology
1995 Mary Atwater Science Education
1995 John S. Willis Cellular Biology, Emeritus
1997 James Prestegard CCRC
1997 Judith Willis Cellular Biology, Emeritus
1998 Wyatt Anderson Genetics
1998 Vasu Nair Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
2000 Lynne Billard Statistics
2002 Marjorie Asmussen Genetics
2002 Chung Chu Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science
2002 David Knauft Horticulture
2002 Henry Schaefer III Chemistry
2003 David C. Lee Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2004 Michael Duncan Chemistry
2005 Michael Arnold Genetics
2005 Jeff Bennetzen Genetics
2005 Robert Ivarie Genetics, Emeritus
2005 Richard Meagher Genetics
2006 Lawrence Shimkets Microbiology
2006 William B. Whitman Microbiology
2006 Juergen Wiegel Microbiology, Emeritus
2007 Sarah F. Covert Forest Biotechnology
2007 R. Kelly Dawe Plant Biology
2007 Lars Ljunghdahl Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Emeritus
2007 Daniel Promislow Genetics
2007 Ying Xu Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2008 Stephen Kowalewski Anthropology
2008 Russell Malmberg Arts and Sciences, Dean’s Office
2008 Michelle Momany Plant Biology
2008 Andrew Paterson Plant Biology / Crop and Soil Science / Genetics
2008 Michael Strand Entomology
2009 Harry Dailey Microbiology / Molecular Biology
2009 Barry Bozeman Public Administration and Policy
2009 Dorothy Fragaszy Psychology
2009 James Hollibaugh Marine Sciences
2009 Duncan Krause Microbiology
2009 Julie Luft Mathematics and Science Education
2009 Mary Ann Moran Marine Sciences
2009 Peggy Ozias-Akins Horticulture
2010 Jonathan Amster Chemistry
2010 Clifton Baile Foods and Nutrition / Animal and Dairy Science
2010 Daniel Colley Microbiology
2010 Alan Darvill Plant Biology
2010 Michael P. Doyle Food Science and Technology
2010 Jorge Escalante Microbiology
2010 Scott Jackson Crop and Soil Sciences
2010 Robert Maier Microbiology
2010 Catherine M. Pringle Ecology
2011 Jonathan Arnold Genetics
2011 Barbara Crawford Mathematics and Science Education
2012 Lisa Donovan Plant Biology
2012 Nancy Manley Genetics
2012 Allen J. Moore Genetics
2012 Elizabeth Reitz Anthropology
2012 Sally Walker Geology and Marine Sciences
2013 Debra Mohnen Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2014 Samantha Joye Marine Sciences
2014 Esther Van der Knaap Genetics and Plant Biology
2014 Alan Dorsey Arts and Sciences, Dean’s Office
2014 David Garfinkel Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2016 Katrien M. Devos Crop and Soil Sciences
2017 Wayne A. Parrot Crop and Soil Sciences
2017 Chung-Jui Tsai Genetics
2017 James H. Leebens-Mack Plant Biology


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1977 Louis DeVorsey Geography, Emeritus
1980 Richard E. Friedman Religion
1981 William W. Stueck History
1982 Naomi J. Norman Classics
1984 Anne Williams Literature, Emeritus
1989 Allan Kulikoff History
1997 Susan P. Mattern History
2000 Laura A. Mason History
2002 Erika Hermanowicz Classics
2005 Michael Kwass History
2008 Ari Daniel Levine History
2008 Stephen A. Mihm History
2013 Stephen Berry History
2013 Emily Kane English
2013 William Kretzschmar English
2015 Laura Lake Smith Art History


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1986 R. Baxter Miller English
1992 Jace Weaver Religion
1993 Carolyn Jones Medine Religion
1994 Eve Trout Powell History
1999 Reinaldo Roman History
2002 Melissa Boneta Davis Genetics
2007 Michelle M. Espino Education
2014 Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo Ecology
2015 Andrea Ayala Virology
2015 Denisa Gandara Interdisciplinary Education
2015 Chantall Limerick Latin American Literature


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1976 Henry F. Schaefer Chemistry, Emeritus
1984 Jose Gomez-Martinez Spanish, Emeritus
1986 Anne O. Summers Microbiology
2000 Douglas Anderson English
2003 Kevin Young Creative Writing
2007 Andrew Paterson Genetics / Plant Biology / Crop and Soil Science
2008 Jeffrey Bennetzen Genetics
2008 Pejman Rohani Ecology
2011 A.E. Stallings FCAS Alumna


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2003 Michael Doyle Food Science and Technology


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2003 Eve Trout Powell History
2009 Beth Shapiro Ecology, UGA alumna
2011 A. E. Stallings Latin, UGA Alumna


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1990 Stuart O. Nelson Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Emeritus
1996 S. Edward Law Biological and Agricultural Engineering
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1966 Norman Giles Genetics, Emeritus
1970 Eugene Odum Zoology / Ecology, Emeritus
1975 Glenn Burton Agronomy, Emeritus
1980 Brent Berlin Anthropology, Emeritus
1987 Wyatt Anderson Genetics
1991 Norman Allinger Chemistry, Emeritus
1992 John H. Law Entomology
1997 Lois Miller Entomology / Genetics, Emeritus
1998 Susan Wessler Genetics / Plant Biology
2004 Jeffrey Bennetzen Molecular Genetics
2017 Michael R. Strand Entomology


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1958 Marion K. Fort Mathematics, Emeritus
1964 Charles H. Edwards Mathematics, Emeritus
1966 James C. Cantrell Mathematics, Emeritus
1967 R. Bruce King Chemistry, Emeritus
1969 John K. Ruff Chemistry, Emeritus
1972 Henry F. Schaefer Chemistry, Emeritus
1983 Robert S. Rumely Mathematics
1992 Andrew Granville Mathematics
1996 Valery Alexeev Mathematics
2000 William A. Graham Mathematics
2014 Brian Hopkinson Ocean Sciences
2018 Julia M. Diaz Ocean Sciences


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External Faculty Award Winners

1995 John Anthony Maltese Political Science
1998 Clanton C. Black Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1998 Sharan B. Merriam Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy, Emeritus
1999 Jennifer Frum Public Service and Outreach
1999 Julie Inez Litchfield Tallman Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology
2000 Dawn Bennett-Alexander Legal Studies
2000 Ray F. Broussard History
2000 Ted Gragson Anthropology
2000 Richard L. Hayes Counseling and Human Development Services
2000 Edward J. Larson History / Law
2000 Thomas J. Schoenbaum Law
2001 Edward Halper Philosophy
2001 Deborah J. Tippins Mathematics and Science Education
2001 William M. Leary History
2001 Don McCreary Linguistics
2001 Charles Platter Classics
2002 Terence J. Centner Agricultural and Applied Economics
2002 H. James McLaughlin Elementary Education
2002 Robert E. Rhoades Anthropology
2002 Sara H. Schweitzer Forestry and Natural Resources
2002 Kim H. Tan Crop and Soil Sciences, Emeritus
2003 Thomas J. Clees Communication Sciences and Special Education
2003 Alan Paul Covich Ecology
2004 Ralph Goodman Brown, III Art
2004 Maria E. Gimenez Law
2004 Brooks Collat Mendell Forestry and Natural Resources
2004 Chris J. Peterson Plant Biology
2004 Leigh A. Poole Intercultural Affairs
2004 Fausto Sarmiento Geography
2005 Dorothy M. Fragaszy Psychology
2005 Hui-Chin Hsu Child and Family Development
2005 James K. Reap Environment and Design
2006 Charles B. Carabello Admissions
2006 Allan Kulikoff History
2006 David Smilde Sociology
2006 John Douglas Toma Institute of Higher Education
2007 Karen Burns Anthropology
2007 Valerie Havill Child and Family Development
2007 Thomas Mote Geography
2007 Jaroslav Tir International Affairs
2007 Elizabeth Wright Romance Languages
2008 Jeffrey Bennetzen Genetics
2008 John P. Carroll Forestry and Natural Resources
2008 Thomas P. Holland Social Work, Emeritus
2008 David Stuart Leigh Geography
2008 Abdulahi Osman International Affairs
2009 Lisa A. Donovan Plant Biology
2009 Michael Ferrara Kinesiology
2009 Ari Levine History
2009 Nancy G. McDuff Admissions
2010 Diane Edison Art
2010 Jared S. Klein Linguistics
2010 Peter B. Rutledge Law
2010 Richard Siegesmund Art Education
2012 Colleen P. Larson Office of International Education
2012 Barbara A. McCaskill English
2012 Bryan McCullick Kinesiology
2012 S. Mark Tompkins Infectious Diseases
2013 Corrie Brown Pathology
2013 Paul Quick Literature
2013 Lawrence Morris Environmental Sciences
2013 Mary Wolf History
2014 Mark Eiteman Chemical Engineering
2014 Vanessa Ezenwa Population Biology
2014 Christy Desmet Humanities
2015 Phaedra Corso Public Health
2016 Michael Conroy Environmental Sciences
2016 Brian Haas Social Psychology
2016 Mihai Spariosu European Studies/Civilization
2016 Richard Gordon Romance Languages & Literature
2016 Robin Shelton Astrophysics
2016 James Byers Ecology
2017 David F. Porinchu Geography
2017 Tim R. Samples Legal Studies, Deans Office
2017 Seung H. Han Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy


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1974 Lars Ljungdahl Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Emeritus
1974 Paul Schleyer Chemistry
1982 Michael G. Hahn Plant Biology/Plant Pathology/Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1982 Peggy Ozias-Akins Horticulture
1990 Terence Centner Agricultural and Applied Economics
1998 Jon F. Carlson Mathematics
2001 Richard A. Dluhy Chemistry
2002 Susanne Ullrich Physics & Astronomy
2007 Michael A. Duncan Chemistry
2011 Henry Schaefer Chemistry
2012 Gregory Robinson Chemistry

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1998 Eileen Kraemer Computer Science
1998 David Lowenthal Computer Science
2001 Michael Geller Physics
2001 Steven P. Lewis Physics
2004 Timothy Dore Chemistry
2004 Eric Stabb Microbiology
2005 Daniela Di Iorio Marine Sciences
2005 Vladimir Popik Chemistry
2006 Geoffrey Smith Chemistry
2007 Sonia Altizer Ecology
2007 Adrian Burd Marine Sciences
2009 Wei-Jun Cai Marine Sciences
2009 Prashant Doshi Computer Science
2009 Susan Goldstein Geology, Marine Sciences
2009 Robert Hawman Geology
2009 Natarajan Kannan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2009 William Lanzilotta Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2009 Marcus Lay Chemistry
2009 Jason Locklin Chemistry
2009 Abhyuday Mandal Statistics
2009 Christof Meile Crop & Soil Sciences
2009 Lily Wang Statistics
2009 Sandra Wyld Geology
2009 Patricia Yager Marine Sciences
2010 Todd Harrop Chemistry
2010 Zhengwei Pan Physics & Engineering
2011 Gary Douberly Chemistry
2012 Jessica Bishop Math & Science Education
2012 Anna Marie Conner Math & Science Education
2012 Kelly Dyer Genetics
2012 Natarajan Kannan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2012 Daniel Krashen Mathematics
2012 Tianming Liu Computer Science
2012 Leidong Mao Engineering
2012 Douglas Menke Genetics
2012 Roberto Perdisci Computer Science
2012 Joachim Walther Engineering
2013 Ping Ma Statistics
2014 David Nelson Genetics
2014 Andrea Sweigart Genetics
2014 Peter Kner Engineering
2014 Paula Lemons Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2014 Kevin Moore Mathematics
2016 Jill Anderson Genetics
2016 Jin Xie Chemistry
2017 Mable Fok Engineering
2017 Richard Chandler Ecology


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2007 Sonia Altizer Ecology
2007 Chad Fertig Physics and Astronomy
2004 J. Marshall Shepherd Geography
2016 Danny Krashen Mathematics
2016 Joachim Walther Engineering
2017 Andrea Sweigart Genetics

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1984 John Engels Finalist: Poetry
1998 Edward J. Larson History
1982 William S. McFeely Biography, Emeritus

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2012 Loch Johnson School of Public and International Affairs
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