ARCS Foundation Scholarship Award


No. The list of eligible programs and departments (last updated April 2021) is in accordance with the stipulations given to the University by the National ARCS Foundation. As they are an independent organization, we must abide by their guidelines regarding their scholarship.

No. This scholarship is only available to US citizens who have 3 years remaining in their PhD program.

No. At this time, the ARCS Foundation stipulates that all new scholars must have at least 3 years of their program of study remaining. This needs to be verified by an applicant’s major professor and/or their department’s graduate coordinator.

No. This scholarship is only open to current PhD students with at least 3 years remaining in their doctoral studies.

It is an add-on award to be used entirely at the scholar’s discretion. It is not to be used to supplement an existing stipend.

This award is to be used entirely at the scholar’s discretion. There are no restrictions, so the money can be used for anything from conference travel to rent.

We welcome letters from faculty and other experts from non-UGA institutions. However, please be sure that this outside letter gets to your nominating UGA faculty member. That individual will be submitting your application on your behalf.

The ARCS Selection Committee seeks to identify students who excel not only in their field, but also science communication. High importance is placed on the approachability and enthusiasm of the applicant’s message. Therefore the committee will be evaluating each submission based on the candidate’s ability to accomplish this directive.