Animal Care & Use


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The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) conducts animal care facility site visits, evaluates programs of animal care, reviews animal use proposals and ensures through staff development activities that people who work with laboratory animals are appropriately trained.


Animal Use Proposal Submissions
IACUC Proposal Submission Deadlines
IACUC Members

Animal Use Proposal Submissions

All animal use proposals are submitted through Artemis to the Office of Animal Care & Use for review by IACUC.

IACUC Proposal Submission Deadlines

Use Category A or D proposals (designated review)

Use Category A or D proposals (designated review) received prior to noon on Thursdays can typically be approved by following Wednesday, if no additional information is needed or if the proposal is not referred for full IACUC review.

Use Category B proposals (enhanced designated)

Use Category B proposals (enhanced designated) received prior to noon on Monday can typically be approved by the following Wednesday, if no additional information is needed or if the proposal is not referred for full IACUC review. [/collapse]

Use Category C proposals

Use Category C proposals must be submitted for full convened committee review prior to or on the first day of the month to be considered for approval at monthly IACUC meetings. Protocols received after that date will be put on the agenda for the following month’s meeting. [/collapse]

Note: To meet the above time lines, the protocols must have been reviewed and signed by the Attending Veterinarian at the time of submission to the IACUC office.

IACUC Members

Name of IACUC Member or Code
Position Title
PHS Policy Membership Requirements
Gaylen EdwardsDVM, PhDDepartment Head Physiology & PharmacologyIACUC Chair
1   Leanne Alworth DVM, MS, DACLAMAsst. Director – URARVeterinarian
2MARetired LibrarianNonscientist, Nonaffiliated
4PhDAssistant ProfessorAlternate Member for 14
5JDAttorneyNonscientist, Nonaffiliated
6PhDAssociate ProfessorAlternate Member for 20
7BSEnvironmental Safety Manager
8   Steve HarveyDVM, MS, DACLAMAsst. Director – URARVeterinarian
9DVM, PhDAssistant ProfessorAlternate Member for 21
10PhDAssociate ProfessorScientist
11DVM, PhDAssociate ProfessorScientist
12   Christopher KingDVM, DACLAMDirector of Animal CareVeterinarian
13BSLab Animal Tech
14PhDAssociate ProfessorScientist
15BS, MPAAssociate Vice President – Environmental Safety DivisionAlternate Member for   7
16BSBiosafety OfficerAlternate Member for 19
17BSAnimal Facilities SupervisorAlternate Member for 13
18AS, RVT, LATGIACUC Executive Secretary
19BSDirector of Biosafety
21PhDAssociate ProfessorScientist