UGA Research Institute


Research Collaboration Assistance Program (ReCAP)


UGARI was created to support collaborative research initiatives with mission-driven federal agencies, and particularly with portfolios of research with specific agencies rather than one-off grants and contracts.

The first of these portfolios is centered upon the relationship between UGA and the Savannah River National Laboratory. Through its participation in the Battelle Savannah River Alliance (BSRA), UGA hopes to build a portfolio of collaborative research with SRNL that extends across Department of Energy funding programs and the larger network of DOE national laboratories.  There also may be opportunities for collaborative research with SRNL scientists that extend into federal sponsors other than DOE, such as Department of Defense and a variety of agencies that focus on national and international security issues.

In support of the BSRA, UGA committed to supporting collaborations among UGA faculty and SRNL scientists in various ways. UGARI was created in part to coordinate this support and create energy around collaborations in various disciplinary areas that have potential to create additional sponsored research funding.  We hope that investment in such collaborative research efforts will lead to the development of official relationships between UGA faculty and SRNL scientists in the form of joint appointments where such affiliations are strategically desired.

Strategic assets available through UGARI as investments in such collaborative research include: