Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed Grants

Developing Applied Institutional Ethics for the Age of AI: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Developing Applied Institutional Ethics for the Age of AI: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Cluster Engagement Track

Ai-Compatible Ethical Framworks. How our interests have converged and how we fit together.

Project Summary

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) challenges existing ethical frameworks that govern the conduct of human organizations and social institutions. For instance, AI tools that assist with employment and promotion decisions can lead to biases against marginalized social groups, raising fairness issues; large language models (LLMs) may be used by lawyers to generate misleading or unethical arguments; wellness chatbots may provide problematic advice for patients; and generative AI as well as human-AI teams raise new questions about trust, intellectual property, and appropriateness of application. The limitations of existing ethical frameworks to address many of the new challenges raised by the current (and coming) applications of AI suggest a need for updated frameworks that can work with AI technologies. The goal of our research is to develop these AI-compatible ethical frameworks for our workplaces and institutions that are both theoretically sound and practically feasible. As an interdisciplinary research team, we plan to work within and across fields to build new frameworks that promote the ethical and responsible use of AI and foster human-AI collaboration for a better future. Specifically, we will use three lenses—Computer Science as an algorithmic lens, Philosophy as a theoretical lens, and Interdisciplinarity as a methodological lens—to develop frameworks to tackle ethical problems faced in three application domains: Law, Business, and Public Policy.

Team Lead

Youjin Kong
Philosophy Department

Team Members

Christian Turner
Law School

Ari Schlesinger
School of Computing

Aaron Schecter

Akshat Lakhiwal

Matthew Hall
Law School

Prashant Doshi
School of Computing

Jeremy Davis
Department of Philosophy

L. Jason Anastasopoulos
Department of Public Administration and Policy