Research Outputs and Analytics

Research, scholarly, and creative activity generate research and creative outputs and these can be used to “paint a picture” of the landscape of knowledge creation at UGA. Research analytics describes a set of tools that can be used to analyze these outputs, individually or collectively.

UGA Elements collects data about the activities of all UGA faculty, across all missions; outputs that are available there include publications, presentations, grants, teaching, creative works, administrative and service activities, all in a searchable database.

The Grants Portal is UGA’s Research Information Management System (RIMS) and provides a set of reports allowing analysis of sponsored project funding.

InCitesTM uses Web of Science publication and citation data to identify publication quantity and quality compared to global peers. It also provides a research networking and collaboration tool to connect researchers.


UGA Elements

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Project Coordinator
UGA Elements

Grants Portal Reports

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UGA Elements
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