Oligo Core

The UGA Oligo Core provides a link between the Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) ordering website and University of Georgia researchers.

Through an agreement between the UGA Office of Research Services and IDT, the UGA Oligo Core combines online oligonucleotide orders for on-campus users into a single shipment that is sent to the UGA Oligo Core for delivery to the end user. The combined order helps reduce the shipping costs commonly associated with small Oligo orders.


To use the IDT UGA Oligo Core online ordering platform, current IDT customers must create a new username and password inside the IDT UGA Oligo-Core page.

Your order will be sent to the campus drop off location that you select. You will be charged for your order by eTicket to the UGA account number you selected during the order process.


UGA Oligo Core pricing for IDT