Integrative Team Initiatives

Major Integrative Proposal Planning (MIPP) Award


To provide faculty team leaders with time and comprehensive support for effective planning, development, submission, and launch of large-scale integrative proposals.

PI Eligibility

MIPP award PIs must be tenured faculty, typically at the associate or full professor rank, and must be the team lead of the targeted proposal effort. The PI must have either completed team science leadership training or allowance will be made for completion of this training within three months of MIPP award start.

Proposal Eligibility

MIPP awards will support development of proposals for complex research center/institute proposals or other large, integrative proposals, with total UGA awards of at least $5M. Funding opportunities include multiple major federal agency programs, and other programs of similar scale and scope will be considered. Proposed work must be focused on interdisciplinary, team-based research that aligns with UGA strategic objectives, and require tight integration among diverse components, including research, education and workforce, diversity and inclusion, outreach, and innovation.

Support provided during MIPP award period

MIPP awards provide project planning time and comprehensive project support to faculty team leaders through contributions from both the Office of Research and the unit(s) of the team lead. The unit(s) provide a block of release time for the faculty lead of up to 2.25 months that can be used over the term of the MIPP award. The Office of Research, through the Office of Proposal Enhancement (OPE) and Integrative Team Initiatives (ITI), will provide comprehensive project support.

The timeline of the award and the specific nature of the support provided will be developed and customized in the Project Execution Plan, developed prior to each MIPP award. The term of award will be determined by the maturity of the team’s collaboration, as well as the complexity of the targeted program. For example, proposals for major federal center programs may require a 2-year  MIPP timeline, while other large integrative proposals may require only one year. The Project Execution Plan will include customized coordination and project management support from ITI and OPE, including:

  • Team Collaboration Plan development and implementation,
  • OPE support and proposal process management,
  • Proposal Plan milestone definition with go/pivot/no-go decision points,
  • Expert proposal review and revision (red/blue teaming, mock panel),
  • Incorporation of Team Science best practices, and
  • Site visit coordination and award launch management.

Award Period

The number of awards will be based on the availability of unit, ITI and OPE resources. The MIPP award period begins upon approval of the project execution plan and ends with submission of the targeted proposal.

How to Apply, Project Execution Plan, and Award

Faculty team leads submit the following as one pdf document.

  • A one-page concept paper identifying the team, the target funding program, why the team will be competitive for funding through this program, the maturity/state of the team and effort to date, anticipated timeline and milestones, and release time request (amount and time period) for the team lead.
  • Letter(s) of commitment from one or more units confirming support of the total requested time commitment and the effort’s alignment with the strategic goals of the unit(s).

The concept paper is evaluated by the Office of Research based on the opportunity, the team and its preparation, and the commitment of the unit(s). Recommended applicants will work with OPE and ITI to complete a Project Execution Plan that outlines key milestones and identifies the periods when the requested release time will be used. Award will follow signoff on this agreement by faculty lead, unit(s), and Office of Research.