Office of Research


Dr. David C. Lee, Vice President for Research
150B Paul D. Coverdell Center, 500 D.W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602
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Results for Innovation Gateway Licensing
Cory Acuff
Acuff, Cory
Associate Director, Licensing, Innovation Gateway
146 Terrell Hall
Kathleen M Burggraf
Burggraf, Kathleen M
Administrative Manager, Innovation Gateway
116 Terrell Hall
Photo Unavailable
Cunningham, Debra
Administrative Specialist, Innovation Gateway
138 Terrell Hall
Linda Dodson
Dodson, Linda
Administrative Specialist, Innovation Gateway
116 Terrell Hall
Derek E Eberhart
Eberhart, Derek
Associate Vice President for Research • Executive Director, Innovation Gateway
141 Terrell Hall
Shelley D Fincher
Fincher, Shelley D
Plant Licensing Manager, Innovation Gateway
143 Terrell Hall
Gennaro Geno
Gama, Gennaro
Senior Licensing Manager and Marketing Coordinator, Innovation Gateway
145 Terrell Hall
Sharon Gamble
Gamble, Sharon
Contracting Officer, Innovation Gateway
337 Tucker Hall
Photo Unavailable
Grier, Andrew
Contracts Specialist, Innovation Gateway
339 Tucker Hall
Leigh Ann Jones
Jones, Leigh Ann
IP Coordinator, Innovation Gateway
116 Terrell Hall
Brent W Marable
Marable, Brent
Assistant Director, Plant Licensing, Innovation Gateway
134 Terrell Hall
Emily Melear-Daniels
Melear-Daniels, Emily
Administrative Manager, Innovation Gateway
139 Terrell Hall
Photo Unavailable
Si, Yuan
Licensing Fellow
140 Terrell Hall
Photo Unavailable
Watson, Angela G
Administrative Associate, Innovation Gateway
110 Terrell Hall
Rachael Marie Widener
Widener, Rachael
Senior Licensing Manager, Innovation Gateway
144 Terrell Hall