The deadline for receipt of Research Scientist promotion dossiers to Office of Research is Friday, November 4, 2022. Please be sure that all faculty and staff in your unit are aware of this deadline.

(Note: Please check with your unit and Dean’s Office for any internal procedures and earlier deadlines.)

The items listed below are required for the promotion dossier. Please see the Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion of Research Scientists for promotion procedures and details regarding these required items, particularly for section 5 (Promotion Procedures), Appendix B (Dossier for Promotion), and Appendix C (Suggested Letter of Request).

  1. UGA Recommendation for Promotion Form for Academic Professional, Lecturer, Librarian, Public Service and Research Scientist Ranks (with original signatures).
    1. This required form is on the Office of Faculty Affairs website at Failure to use this form will result in the dossier being returned to the unit without further consideration.
    2. Include the candidate’s full name and full home department name. Submit the original form with signatures, votes, and approval status (yes/no) for each level of review. Ensure that all units use the promotion form revised on 3/30/2016.
    3. IMPORTANT-Years in Rank Calculation: Please ensure your unit(s) use the 2022-2023 Quick Reference Guide when completing the form to calculate years in rank for all promotion candidates.
  2. Cover letter
  3. Vitae
  4. Achievements
  5. External Evaluations (minimum of 4)

To submit promotion recommendation dossiers to Office of Research: Email the single PDF file attachment to (and please cc  If the single PDF file size is too large for email, please contact Office of Research to make alternative arrangements.


  • The original hard copyRecommendation for Promotion form with original signatures should then be sent to: The Office of Research c/o Jessica Hawks Farmer, 145 Coverdell Building CAMPUS.
  • If you do not receive email receipt confirmation of the emailed dossier within 24 hours, please email or call to inquire.

Please direct questions to any of the following: or