Human Research Protection Program

Investigator Training & Resources

The following materials are available for individuals wishing to develop knowledge and skills on Human Subjects.

Training Presentations

Human Subjects Outreach and Training

If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your group or class, call the Human Subjects Office at 706-542-3199 or e-mail

Note: For planning purposes, the following dates have been scheduled.  The Graduate Student Open House sessions are open to all graduate students. No registration required.

Human Subjects Outreach and TrainingDates
College of Public Health Graduate Student Orientation8/9/18
Introduction to Research Methods in Higher Education - Dr. Amy Stich9/6/18
Introduction to Doctoral Studies - Dr. Jennifer Graff9/10/18
Research Methods - LAND 6950 - Dr. Sungkyung Lee9/27/18
OLLI - People Under the Microscope: Human Research Over the Years10/2/18
Responsible Conduct of Research - GRSC 8550 - Dr. Suzanne Barbour10/16/18
PhD Seminar - Kinesiology - Dr. Janet Buckworth11/2/18
LING 8100 Proseminar - Dr. Keith Langston (Dr. Mi-Ran Kim)11/9/18