Defense and Security Collaborations

Pre-Clearance Background Review

The pre-clearance background review determines the initial suitability of a candidate for clearance. After you submit the access-request paperwork, you will get an email from Accurate Background asking you to log-in to the portal and complete the pre-clearance background information.  For the pre-clearance background you will need to know:

1)All post-secondary education with dates of attendance/graduation;

2)Seven (7) years of residence and employment information including dates and addresses;

3)Three (3) professional references (someone with whom you work or worked and knows you well.);

You will then log into the Accurate portal and complete the requested information.  The portal will guide you through the completion.  Note: please do not schedule a drug screen in portal. The FSO will conduct the drug screen (oral swab) after your background screening.  You should be able to “click through” or exit the portal once you come to the drug-screen schedule.

Please contact the FSO with questions about or difficulties with the Accurate portal.