Defense and Security Collaborations

Other DOD Opportunities

DOD offers employment programs for students and early-career professionals.  There are also other opportunities for students to engage with the defense and security communities such as Hack-a-Thon. In addition to the STEM Student Employment Programs offered by various laboratories, there are specific resources for finding federal jobs.

  • The National Security Innovation Network offers student engagement opportunities such as participation in hack-a-thons, innovation challenges, and bootcamps.
  • The Pathways program is a federal internship program that provides a fast track to federal employment. Pathways is designed for all federal agencies, so you will have to check with the specific agency or service of interest to determine available Pathways opportunities.
  • USAJOBS is the federal employment website.  Pathways and other student employment opportunities are listed.  You can search by keywords and filter by the agency/service of interest.
  • You may also visit the career pages of any service or laboratory website for employment opportunities.  For example: