Internal Grants & Awards

Internal Awards

The University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF) funds competitive internal awards for UGA Faculty and graduate students to recognize outstanding research accomplishments and creative achievement. Research accomplishments are recognized each spring at an annual Research Awards Banquet.

Internal Competitive Research Awards


The Albert Christ-Janer Award, The Lamar Dodd Award, The William A. Owens Award

Outstanding contributions to research are recognized by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. through the Creative Research Awards program. The three awards target contributions in different areas of research/scholarship.

  • Deadlines: First Tuesday in November
  • Eligibility: Nominees must have completed at least five years of service at the University of Georgia.
  • Award: $2,500 award and framed print

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients:

The Creative Research Medal is awarded by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., to faculty as recognition of outstanding accomplishment in research and creativity for a research project or creative activity with a single coherent theme. Faculty at the University of Georgia are nominated for the Creative Research Medal by their colleagues and chosen by a committee of distinguished faculty representing both the humanities and sciences. Each year individuals who have carried out a research project or creative endeavor of truly outstanding quality are honored this way.

  • Deadline: First Tuesday in November
  • Eligibility: Faculty at the University of Georgia.
  • Award: $500 award and a bronze medallion designed by the late William J. Thompson, a former professor in the Lamar Dodd School of Art.

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients

The appointment of Distinguished Research Professors at The University of Georgia is intended to recognize outstanding research or other creative, scholarly accomplishments and to provide the impetus for continuing high achievement.

  • Deadline: All nominations should be submitted to the appropriate dean by the College’s set deadline. All nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Research by noon on November 14.
  • Eligibility: Nominees must be at least ten years beyond the date of the terminal academic degree and must have the endorsement of the appropriate department head and dean.
  • Amounts: A one-time permanent increase in base salary of $7,000 in addition to a $5,000 account each year for a 5-year period to be used in any appropriate way to support scholarship and a framed certificate.

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients

The Academic Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a faculty member for outstanding contributions to faculty participation in technology-based entrepreneurship.

  • Eligibility: Must be a UGA faculty member who has started a company within the past four years based on research originated at UGA.
  • Criteria: The company must
    • have met GBBC criteria for admission usually through the VentureLab program process (business model development, establishing market need, feasibility, proof of concept, IP licensing, capitalization, product design, market validation, product distribution, marketing, job creation).
    • have demonstrated ability to listen to a variety of external and internal coaching expertise, complete milestones, and collaborate with partners.
    • show good will and willingness to share experiences with other potential academic entrepreneurs.
  • Award: Winner is presented with an engraved crystal award and commendations from the Georgia BioBusiness Center (GBBC) management team.
  • Selection Process: Selection is made by the GBBC management team by December 31 of the calendar year.

Past Recipients

The Inventor’s Award recognizes a discovery by a University of Georgia faculty inventor.

  • Eligibility: Must be a UGA faculty member.
  • Criteria:
    • Innovativeness of the invention
    • Originality and uniqueness of the invention
    • Impact of the invention on the community
  • Award: Winner is presented with an engraved crystal award.
  • Selection Process: Technology Commercialization Office selects the winner.

Past Recipients

The Presidential Early Career Scholar is recognized as the most promising up and coming researcher/scholar, whose trajectory projects remarkable success.

  • Deadline: First Tuesday in November.
  • Eligibility: Tenure-track faculty at the University of Georgia who have successfully passed their third-year review but have not yet been tenured.
  • Award: $2,000 award and plaque.

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Graduate Students

In memory of Robert C. Anderson, former Vice President for Research and President of UGARF for excellence in research to a recent graduate of the UGA Graduate School.

  • Deadline: First Tuesday in November
  • Eligibility: Recent graduate of the UGA Graduate School
  • Award: $1,000 honorarium and certificate

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients

An academic year scholarship awarded to a graduate student whose dissertation/thesis research reflects state-of-the-art utilization of computer and/or networking technology in the sciences or creative arts. In memory of Dr. James L. Carmon, a UGA faculty member for 36 years, who helped advance computer research and development at the university.

  • Deadline: Third Tuesday in September
  • Eligibility: Full-time UGA graduate students in good standing
  • Award: $4,000 stipend and certificate

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients

Funded and administered by the Graduate School, this award recognizes the quality and significance of graduate student research in five areas: Fine Arts; Humanities and Letters; Life Sciences; Mathematics and Physical Sciences; and Professional and Applied Studies. Awardees are recognized at the annual UGARF awards banquet.

  • Deadline: First Friday in November
  • Nomination by: Department Head or Graduate Coordinator
  • Selection Process: Faculty Committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients

Postdoctoral Scholars

This award recognizes outstanding research contributions by a postdoctoral scholar.

  • Eligibility: Nominees must occupy a postdoctoral research scholar position at UGA at the date of nomination and must be nominated for research carried out while in that position.
  • Award: $2,000 award and plaque

Detailed Guidelines
Past Recipients