Human Subjects

CITI Training

To complete the IRB training, you must access the UGA CITI Login Portal.

At the Select Group page, Step 1 gives you basic instructions. Step 2 asks you to Select the group(s) appropriate to your research activities from the following:

  • Group 1 Social & Behavioral Research
  • Group 2 Social & Behavioral Research – Children
  • Group 3 Social & Behavioral Research – International
  • Group 4 Social & Behavioral Research – Children & International
  • Group 5 Social & Behavioral Research – Internet
  • Group 6 Social & Behavioral Research – Prisoners
  • Group 7 Bio-Medical Research
  • Group 8 IRB Members

Note: Since several courses are available, be sure to select Human Subjects/IRB which is Item #1, and not Responsible Conduct of Research/RCR which is Item #2.

  • On the Learners Menu, choose Basic Course.  The required and optional modules are listed in the Grade Book.
  • Complete all the required modules and associated quizzes.  A passing score of 80% or better is needed for successful completion of the course.

Important:  If you do not complete all the required modules in one session, you can re-enter the course site as needed to complete the training.

For questions or additional information about the training requirements, contact the Human Subjects Office at or 706-542-3199.
For technical problems with the CITI site or course, contact the CITI Office at or 305-243-7970.