Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award

The Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award is given to recent Ph.D.s for outstanding research at the University or immediately after graduating. It is named for the late Robert C. Anderson, who served as UGA’s vice president for research and president of the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

2016 Recipients

Arnab Banerji, a recent doctoral graduate in theater and film studies, is recognized for his scholarship on Asian performing arts, Indian cinema and Indian popular culture. His doctoral dissertation, Setting the Stage: A Materialist Semiotic Analysis of Contemporary Bengali Theatre from Kolkata, India, documents and analyzes the production practices and material conditions of Bengali group theater, including design practices and the training of actors, technicians and writers. Banerji has also published several scholarly papers and presented his research at numerous international conferences. After his graduation, he worked briefly as an adjunct professor at the Department of Theatre at Barnard College, where he taught a special topics course on traditions of Indian performance. He is now an assistant professor of theater arts at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Sarah Budischak, a recent doctoral graduate in ecology, studies the disease transmission and health implications of parasitic infections. Her dissertation research on the consequences of coinfection—the simultaneous infection of a host by multiple pathogens—in wild African buffalo required extensive field research in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Budischak received National Science Foundation doctoral research and international travel grants, and she published her research in leading journals, including three dissertation chapters and two manuscripts from previous research. She is also recognized for her mentorship of numerous undergraduates, and for her service as president of Ecoreach, a graduate student-run program that helps coordinate ecological activities for K-12 students, which grew considerably under her leadership. Budischak is now a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University.

Past Recipients