Hoang Luong

Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award

Hoang Luong, who completed his Ph.D. in physics in 2021, is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He consistently shows creativity in solving problems, mastering multiple technical and analytical/computational skills and developing theoretical and simulation insights. At UGA, he made three outstanding contributions to the metallurgical coating and thin-film community. He explored fabricating nanostructures of composite noble metals and magnetic materials as magneto-plasmonic systems. He investigated the design and apprehension of active chiral metamaterials. And he made a breakthrough in hydrogen sensor applications using a similar approach. He contributed as the first/co-author for more than 20 published research papers over nearly five years at UGA, some with high-impact factor journals in cutting-edge research topics. In his postdoctoral position at UCSB, he has been working on an entirely new research direction, studying long-term stability of organic photodetectors and organic photovoltaics.